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Lump Surgery Tomorrow What Will They Do

I going to have surgery to remove a lump under my right pec.  (Lump is 1 1/4 mass small amount of fluid clear with small amount of blood)

32 year old male don't now if it is cancer or not they haven't told me

What will they do.

Thank you all (I need help)
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I had The surgery at 8:30 and now I am home 1:24 Wen't great the people at St Lukes (Ronan) were great too.  The lump was sent off to get tested and I will Know June 1 2009.

Also: The lump was a mass with small amount of clear fluid that contain very little blood.

Have a good day
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Thank you for the comment I am going it for surgery now I will Let you know if it is cancer or Benine.

Have a good Day
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Brian32 - I am really surprised they did not tell you whether it looks like a fluid-filled cyst or a solid mass.  When my lump was found, they stuck a needle into it and the surgeon said if she got fluid from it, that was a good sign.  She didn't get any fluid from it and when I went into surgery to have it removed, it was sent to pathology and determined to be cancer.  

My lump was a 1.8 mass and that made it Stage 1 cancer.  I was right on the cusp of not even needing chemo.  So, if it were cancer, and I hope it isn't, it sounds like it may have been caught very early.  

The surgery itself did not cause me much pain.  The only real pain I experienced was that associated with them taking out 12 lymph nodes under my armpit to make sure the cancer had not spread.  

Have you done much research on the web?  I can't believe all the information that is out there.  Good luck with everything and I wish you a positive outcome.  This is never any fun!  
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