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Lump on top of breasts

I have had a sort of long lump in top of my right breast for a very long time, but I can feel something like it in the same place on the left breast as well. I can feel it more pronounced when Im not wearing a bra and I have to really dig into my breast to feel it otherwise. I thought it might just be the breast muscles because I have it in both breasts but Im not so sure because my breasts are really big and I thought I wouldnt be able to feel any muscle because of that. My breasts are all lumpy overall as well but these ones are larger and kind of go around the top and sides of the breasts.
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums.  I apologize for the late reply but wanted to respond to you.   Have you been to a doctor as of yet regarding this lump? I think that is important to do.  Self breast exams are beneficial.  You can detect changes from self check to self check.  Lumps in breasts can be different things such as cysts and yes, the muscle.  And I think it is a good sign that it is the same on both breast.  But doctor confirmation is best.  I really like this article that describes how to do a self exam to detect breast cancer. https://www.webmd.com/breast-cancer/breast-self-exam#1

Let us know if you have seen your doctor or if there have been any changes.  best of health to you.
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