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Mammo / ultrasound Biopsy scheduled

I'm looking for assistance in understanding my results as I prepare for a biopsy in hopes to speak intellectually and level headed with the oncologist tomorrow.   My doctor likes you to meet with the surgical oncologist before the radiologist conducts the biopsy.   Persisting asymmetry, located laterally.  5:00 position and 5 cm from nipple. Ill defined hypoechoic region, 18mm in size. Margins ill defined, posterior acoustic shadowing is seen.  A few fatty replaced lymph nodes are noted incidentally in the axilla.     Any advice is greatly appreciated.  
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Nothing can be realized from these results and this is the reason for the required biopsy. Films of any type can never indicate whether something is malignant or benign to 100% certainty. The consult with the Oncologist is a very good idea and I'm sure you will gain some valuable information during your appointment. The only thing that can be "understood" from the results you posted is that there is some type of lesion that cannot be defined as to it's true nature. It isn't round or oval with smooth well defined edges and therefore indicates a suspicion that it may be something other than a cyst or fibroadenoma; both benign breast lesions. You might ask the Oncologist for an opinion but I doubt that he/she will be able to offer much from just the film report. Best wishes with your biopsy; please return and let us know your results or if you have any concerns or questions; add any further information to this original post as a comment.  Regards ....
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