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Nipple falling abd growing back on a basis

Hi im 20 years old and my nipple keeps falling and then growing again and then repeats the same thing
Do i need to see a specialist? Is it serious? Does anyone have any info that can help me?
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I'm not sure what you mean by it falls? Can you explain that more?
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I think its called nipple death? Or sth it just falls and then grows back again
There is something like a naevus on my nipple and it falls and then grows back !
Nipple death, or nipple necrosis, can happen after having a nipple-sparing mastectomy for breast cancer. Have you had your breast removed? Had any breast surgery or not? Nipple piercing that may have gotten infected?


If you are experiencing something similar, whether or not you've had breast surgery, then YES, you absolutely need to see a doctor. Whatever is happening, any nipple changes should be checked out.

Let us know what happens.
Ohh so you have a spot that falls off and grows back - not the entire nipple. Yes, get that checked.

Thank you!
You're welcome! Let us know what happens, and good luck!
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