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Pain after Lumpesctomy

I had a lumpectomy 9 days ago. At my post-op visit the surgeon said I was healing beautifully, but I am so uncomfortable. My breast are not real big, B cup but right now it feels like a EE cup. I feel so heavy and the slightest touch is painful. I removed the bandage strip last night and the incision wraps around the underside of my nipple, that's when I realized that the area is numb. I am wearing a support bra and still using ice for swelling. I would appreciate hearing the experiences of others. My big concern is that in 4 days they are going back in and I can't imagine what pain I will experience from being reopened. By the way, original diagnosis was DCIS but the lumpectomy showed Invasive ductal carcinoma (3mm).
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What you are experiencing isn't all that unusual .... healing does NOT mean that there will be no more incisional pain. There is much healing that must take place in the tissues below the skin. Numbness is also not unusual; there is nerve damage with most types of surgery and this takes a rather long time to disappear but please keep in mind that some areas may well remain numb due to nerves that have been cut during the procedure. This isn't something that can be avoided .... it's just a fact that we all learn to live with after any type of breast surgery. I can't imagine that the post-op pain will be much different after your second procedure though. I'm surprised that the original biopsy didn't show IDC although at 3mm it could very possibly have been missed. You are doing the right things with the supportive bra and ice for short periods .... I would think that any over the counter pain medication might help also if approved by your Physician. Wishing you a speedy recovery from your upcoming procedure as well as successful treatment following.    Kindest regards ....
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Thank you so much for your response. It's always good to hear that what we are experimenting is part of the process. Really appreciate the good wishes'
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