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Severe anxiety over Breast Examination.

I am a 20 year old girl who only yesterday went to my local GP surgery for a breast examination, as my left breast felt slightly bigger and harder than my right, which is soft and smaller. I had the nurse practitioner examine my breasts, and she agreed that the left felt slightly harder and larger than the right - but she found no lumps, and my lymph nodes were fine.
I freaked out there and then.
She did her best to reassure me that she thinks that nothing serious is wrong, and as I have no history of breast cancer in my family, I should not be concerned about it. I couldn't calm down, so she went on further saying a lot of women have a larger breast that feels and looks different, and that it is very common.
I was told that because I also feel a pressure and sometimes a very dull pain in my left, bigger breast, to come back in two weeks after my next period for another examination. I left and broke down, and my mother ended up calling the surgery for further reassurance and information. The Practitioner I had told my mum that it is a very normal routine for women to come back after their period, so I should not worry, and also that if she thought anything serious was going on she would have referred me to the hospital that day.
I can't help but still feel terrified, and having severe anxiety issues, I am living in fear that I have breast cancer and may be dying. When I was in the room, the nurse said 'I may just have to see if I should refer you to a clinic or not', then proceeded to go consult a doctor outside the room, in which I could hear them talking about what should be done. So, the conclusion obviously was to come back after two weeks for another examination.
I have had this pressure, ache in my left breast for maybe two years, but never really focused on it like now. I am scared. I have read so many sites saying that one-sided breast pain/ache/pressure is more linked to cancer than both breasts.
I am only 20, and am driving myself mad with fear and crying all the time over this and other health fears.
Should I be worried? How do I cope?
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First of all let me say that you are a 20 year old "Woman", not a girl. All the things you have stated here and received information about are correct. Breasts are rarely the same exact size at any age. The breast tissue often responds to the hormone levels in ones body which change or vary often. I think the best advice for you is to see someone about this terrible anxiety issue that you seem to have. This is no doubt having some influence on the other health issues you are experiencing and may experience throughout your life. Please ask your Primary Care Physician for some advice regarding your anxiety.  Kindest regards .....
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Thank you for the correction and reply. I am currently waiting for my scheduled appointment to see my Doctor about my anxiety, which I hope will sort this issue out.
I understand that due to this anxiety issue, my thinking the worst all the time is not helping any of the symptoms I am having. So I will try harder to relax until I am seen about it.
Can I ask, what might they recommend if I go back after my period and my breast is still harder and bigger? I am relieved that there was no lump detectable in either breast, so that is calming.
Thank you again.
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If your breast hasn't changed in the two weeks between visits I still don't see much to be concerned about but taking into account your anxiety issue they may schedule you for Ultrasound exam. This is a harmless exam that can show the inner structures of the breast. Mammograms are rarely done on women your age because the breast tissue is quite dense which is normal but Ultrasound can easily show if there should be something abnormal. I'm glad to hear that you are seeking some help for the anxiety issue as this can be devastating to one's entire life and keep you from enjoying it to the fullest. There are solutions and I truly hope that you will be able to find one. Take care now .....
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