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What does assymetry mean on breast mammogram?

There is an asymmetry seen in the upper region of the right breast in the posterior depth on the MLO view.  There are no significant calcifications or other abnormalities.  Have to go back for additional mammogram view and ultrasound.  I have heterogenously dense breasts and the last time I was called back it turned out to be a patch of fibroglandular tissue.  The assymetry is in a different area now.  I did have a Covid booster one week prior to mammogram - would this have affected the recent mammogram.
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Hello and welcome to the forum. Thank you for your question although we know you are nervous. Please know that they call back to take a closer look to protect you and it doesn't mean something serious.  Were you assigned a BiRad score?  The term asymmetry simply means that the density is different in each breast. Most often, this turns out to be a normal finding with no serious root cause. However, it has to be checked out. Newly developing asymmetry is closely evaluated. This puts one at an increased chance of developing breast cancer so they take it seriously and evaluate. But remember too that hormonal changes aone can cause this.  Times this could happen are near a menstrual or near menopause. So, please schedule the follow up and let us know the outcome and ask any questions along the way.  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/321823#breast-asymmetry-and-mammogram-results

And your covid vaccine would not impact your mammogram.

Best of luck and please stay in touch.
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Birads was 0 and I’m post-menopausal.
I was asked if I had a recent Covid booster and yes they did say it may result in a call back and if I wanted to reschedule but I did not reschedule and had the mammogram one week after booster.  CDC recommends waiting 4-6 weeks as lymph nodes may be responding to the vaccine and swell temporarily.
A birad of 0 is good news which that indicates they do not think this will be cancerous but just want a second view. Understood regarding lymph nodes swelling post vaccination and thank you for that clarification.  When is your second view?
Second view and ultrasound is January 28.
I had repeat tomo views on mammogram today 1/28/22 and U/S which showed a normal mammary lymph node.  Back on my yearly schedule.
Thank you so much for letting us know!  That is GREAT news!
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