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What's the problem with my nipple?

Hi, I'm a fifteen year old teenager and I'm worried about my left nipple. I experiences peeling off skin, itching,pain, crusty skin and it also produce watery-like discharge. The condition of my nipple keeps on getting back. Like it keeps on peeling off skin every week. I have a history of eczema,could it be it? I've done my research and my symptoms fit as a Paget's Disease. I'm experiencing it for monthsaa.

Also, what should I do? I can't consult to the doctors due to pandemic. Should I self-medicate? Are creams and ointments really effective and safe? What do you recommend for me to do?

Is it curable? :((( help me please I'm so worried

Oh and lastly, is herbal stuff effective?
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Thanks for your question.  I am going to first encourage you to speak to a trusted adult such as your mother, grandmother, aunt or family friend. Something like that. I think at your age, an adult should be involved in determining what to do next.  What to do next from my perspective is to see your doctor.  It sounds like you are describing that you have nipple discharge. Perhaps the crust or peeling issue is the discharge drying.  Do you think that could be it?  Or is your skin actually peeling?  What color is the discharge?  Milky white?  That would be my guess.  Is it just one breast? https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/galactorrhea/symptoms-causes/syc-20350431  Are your periods regular?  If when squeezing your nipple you express clear liquid, please tell your trusted adult and see a doctor.  That does require further investigation.  Typically, breast discharge is a harmless situation.  Please keep that in mind. But do get checked out.  

Are your periods regular?  I know at your age they often are not in general. But hormonal issues that might cause nipple discharge would affect your period.  Also, you don't have to answer here, but is pregnancy something that could be possible as well?

Paget's Disease is something that usually occurs in ladies over 50. Not that it isn't possible but it would be unusual for this to be the cause of this for you. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/pagets-disease-of-the-breast/symptoms-causes/syc-20351079

I would really want you to get the opinion of your doctor before trying to treat this. Let me know if it's possible to speak with a family member about this first and if they agree you need to see a doctor.
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Hi, thank you so much for answering.

And to answer your questions I think my skin peels due to the dried discharge. The color of the discharge is white in just one breast. And my period are not regular. And yes, if i squeeze it produces clear liqiud. Also, I'm not pregnant because I've never had sexual intercourse.

Is it something serious? Or a ezcema? Because i have ezcema in both my hands.

And I also noticed crack in my nipples. What does that mean?

My mother told me to put moringa leaves into the affected area but it comes back again.  And are you familiar with BL Cream? It's the cream i put in my ezcema on hands. Should i use it in my nipple too?
Hello. I would try what your mother says but do not hesitate seeing your doctor about this. I also think getting a blood test to look at your thyroid function and hormone levels would reveal useful information.  
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