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Why would the results of my CA27-29 vary so greatly, up and down, over 5 months?

I was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer in Oct 2016. There was no lymph node involvement. I had a lumpectomy, 18 months of chemo (Herceptin & Perjeta), which just ended in Feb 2018, and a full 30 days of radiation in 2017.
The very first CA27-29 test on 5/7/18 was 55; four weeks later, on 6/4/18, it was down to 47; on 8/6/18 is was down even further to 40.
Now, on 10/29/18 the test result was 66 and I have been scheduled for CT and Bone scans.
Has anyone seen something like this before?
Does the medical community really understand enough about cancer, and cancer marker tests, to fully comprehend the results?
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