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birad 3

I had a stereotactic biopsy 5 months ago and just had a follow up mammogram. I received a report that I should have a follow up biopsy in 6 months. The report said there was an area they beleive to be benign. At the bottom it said birad 3. I had microcalicifations that were benign In Feb. that is why I had the biopsy. That digital mammogram I had prior to biopsy was birad 4-5. What does the birad 3 probably mean this time?

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I feel certain the follow-up recommendation was for a Mammogram and not a biopsy .... BIRADS 3 calls for a re-check in 6 months rather than the normal 1 year interval. Only a BIRADS 4 would call for an immediate biopsy but biopsies are done as a result of a questionable finding but not as a re-check.   Regards ....
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