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could this be Paget's?

I have a tiny scab on my nipple. I noticed it last spring. I googled what it might be, and read descriptions of Paget's. but, since those symptoms didn't fit what I have, I just figured it would heal, and I must have injured it somehow. Last month, I noticed it's still there. When I looked at it, at first, I thought it was gone. Then, I put my glasses on (that's how small it is) and there it was. It hasn't changed in any way since last spring. I have zero other typical symptoms described, no itch,doesn't hurt or flake, no rash. I'll be seeing a dermatologist, ASAP. But, I'm becoming paralyzed with fear. I'm wondering if anyone who's experienced Paget's, had similar symptom?
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Since you don't have any of the other symptoms, it seems unlikely that it's Paget's.


I understand it's scary - anything that could remotely be cancer is scary - but get seen by a doctor, and really any doctor would be good to start with if you have to wait to see a derm - and let us know what happens.
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thank you very much for your response. getting to the dermatologist soon-I don't want to go alone!
Is there a friend or sibling or anyone that can go with you?
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