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heavy right breast

Hi for around 6 weeks now my right breast has felt very heavy, and very tender under my nipple, but i cannot feel a lump anywhere, around a year ago my breast did droop a little, i dont know if to bother the doctor,  as i cannot feel a lump,
please could you advise me, many thanks
Tracey x
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You don't state your age and that would always be of help. If this has been going on for 6 months I think you should see your Dr. for a clinical breast exam. Most times women aren't really all that good at self breast exam unless they have been taught by a clinician. There are several conditions that don't involve an actual breast lump so I believe an appointment with your Dr. is in order at this point.     Regards ....
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I am 42 it has been going on for 6 weeks not months, i have an appointment at the doctors this afternoon, i hope everything goes well with that.
Thanks very much for your reply i really appreciate that. thank-you, take care love Trace x
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