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hypoechoic solid mass

my little sis is only 16yrs old but she recently has been complaining of pain in her breast and chest. when i sent her to get checked last week the doctors found out that she had hypoechic solid masses in both breasts.one in the left breast in the latenal lower quadrant measures (13*11*8)mm and the right breast in the upper medial quadrant measuring (12*11*8)mm. since am far away from her she's in africa and am in the uk i don't know much about how bad it is,what to expect,and how to help her medically. i will appreciate if you could explain to me more about this disease and since she has pian how to treat it.
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Fibroadenomas are benign breast masses.  It may be related to hormonal influences that can occur during menstruation.  In young patients, it may be observed and symptomatic treatment given like giving pain relievers to relieve the discomfort.  
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She told me that the doctor told her that she's going to need surgery is it really necessary,please advise!
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