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lumpy and bumpy

I have big boobs that are lumpy and bumpy and I never no whats ment to be there or not.
Every so often I freak out like once a year and have the doctors check them.

My nana on my dads side had breast cance which I have mentioned to the doctor and they said it is not hereditary on that side of the family. Is that true?

How old do we have to be to have a breast scan, I am 31 years old.
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Breast lumpiness is not the same as having a dominant lump. Lumpiness can be normal breast tissue.
Fibrocystic breasts is a benign disorder characterized by lumpiness and usually breasts discomfort.This condition is the most common cause of "lumpy breasts”. If you are concerned you may want to seek a consultation with a Breast specialist who can examine you and determine if you really need to have some type of testing which can be done at any age. A family history of BC would only be a strong connection if your mom, sister or daughter had this disease.Keep in mind that many women who have no family history at all can get breast cancer.
Try limiting your caffeine and salt intake,because they tend to make the lumps more sensitive and prominent.
Best wishes.
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Thank you for your reply x
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