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tamoxafin after second cancer lumpectomy

After a second, early stage breast cancer, treated by a lumpectomy and radiation and after tamoxafin and aromasin therapy for 7 years after a mastectomy for the first breast cancer, can you resume tamoxafin after the radiation therapy and would it be helpful?
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Dear greta2629, It would very much depend on several factors such as how long the time between the initial diagnosis and stopping of tamoxifen and the finding of the second breast cancer.  
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Original Cancer determined in 2002 treated with Tamoxafin for 18 months and then switched to Aromasin which continued until second cancer diagnosed in 2010. After the Radiation Therapy which begins soon concludes can we then introduce Tamoxafin again

Thsnk you for your prompt response.
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Original Breast Cancer determined in 2002 which was treated with am Mastecomy, Then Tamoxafin for 18 months and switched to  Aromasin until cancer in the other breast was detrmined in 2010. The second cancer was treated with a Lumpmectomy and Radiation
therapy. Once this Radiation treatment is concluded CAN WE INTRODUCE TAMOXAFIN  AGAIN?

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