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18month old-Want to wean and don't know how!

Hi everyone, My son is 18months old and I was fortunate enough to be able to exclusively breast feed him.
When he started solids I expected him to slow down nursing, but at 18months he shows no sign of slowing down.
He does not like solids, and tried to fill up with breast milk whenever he sees me. It takes a great deal of effort to get him eat a meal.
I work from home in an upstiars office room while my son is taken care of by mom. Lately he's started to throw tantrums until I go downstairs and nurse him and he wants to nurse every minute he's with me.
after one or two sips of milk he's happy and until he wants to nurse again in less than 10mins if I am around.
When he decides he wants to nurse it's hard to distract him or to try an explain him that he'll get mommy milk when it's time, he throws tantrums and starts biting and head butting.
This is affecting my quality time with my son as I haven't been able to do any activities with him.
He co sleeps with us and some nights he doesn't let go of the nipple.
I am exausted and although I planned on going longer, I am at a point where I need to stop nursing to get my sanity back. I am tired all the time and can't even have a meal without him nursing from the side.
The latest is now he wants both boobs out at one to twiddle one nipple while nursing from the other.!
What should I do.. ? Please help.. I am at my wits end.
p.s: When he's nursed he's generally happy and gentle. he's cutting 2 molars which mean he's more iritable.
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Wow.  I can imagine ur exhausted.  I know when I was weaning my second son, I just cut out one feeding every few days and on the feeding I cut out I would offer a cup of water.(I have weird kids they all love water!! Lol)Maybe during the daytime try to find a favorite food or drink to offer in place of a nursing session. Im afraid im gonna have trouble with number three.  She's on solids and snacks but hasn't slowed down either, she wants to nurse every two hours all night long.  I don't have any great suggestions just I understand where u r coming from.  Hopefully some of the other ladies will have some ideas.  Good luck.
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Oooh goodness. He sounds like he mainly does it for comfort! Does he have a pacifier, does he take a sippy cup or bottle at all?
In my opinion and I'm by no means an expert and needed help with opinions on weaning my son myself but if I were you I would try to slowly wean him.
I would set certain times where I would nurse him and ONLY those times and if he has a problem with it, he will get used to it. He will probably tantrum a lot and hard but I wouldn't give in to his tantrums either. It's not going to hurt him to say no.
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Thank you for your comments.. He drinks probabaly about 2-3ozs of homo milk from a bottle when I am not around. My mother offers it around his nap times. Somedays he takes it somedays he doesn't. Pacifier is usually getting chewed and not used for what it's intended. I usually find them under chairs or in his toy box.. :)
Our family doctor mentioned there is some sort of an oinment that has a bitter taste to be applied on my nipples .. but I don't know if there's any side effects to the baby. I'd rather try some other method.
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Hmmm, I like the ointment idea. If you are worried about the side effects, maybe try using some lemon juice or something else sour or bitter.

I'm sorry you are going through so much. I only recommend nursing until mother and baby both desire... It sounds like this is becoming more of an issue than a benefit. I wish the best for you sister. He may be acting out and demanding so much from you since you are a working mama. (I see this w/ my nursing toddler) There is nothing wrong with working. You are an excellent mom for providing for your family. I'm sure you have tried everything but maybe try doing an overly friendly welcome when you come down from working. Try coming down with a toy in your hand, reach down and pick him up saying something exciting like "We're gonna go play! Yay!"

It's a long shot, and you may have already tried. I hope this helps sister and I wish the best of luck to you. Gradual weaning is easier, so you may try just distracting him from one feeding/day and may have to take away night time feeding last since they will probably be hardest... mainly because you may be the one losing rest.

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I am still struggling with the idea of putting anything on my nipples so that he's forced to stop nursing. Just can't bring myself to do that as in my opinion this was the best thing I could do for him..
It would be perfect to end nursing on a happy note rather than him remembering it being something bitter.
I know I can't have it both ways.. but I just want to not to have to nurse every.single.minute we are together. But I will sure miss that huge smiling eyes staring at me when he's being nursed.

I am torn ladies.. :(  Thank you for support and kind words.. I will try your suggestions and keep you posted!
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Awwww, I see. You may not be ready to wean then. I'm sorry you are torn. We are here for you either way.

Thanks for keeping us posted. Good luck. XO
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First of all, he knows that during the day you are there, so perhaps try not to come down to him for e.g. 2 hours on the first day, 3 hours on the next day and so forth, space it out try and make it longer. He does need a distraction but the thing is that when he sees you, he will think of breast milk.

I never thought I could wean my daughter as we was breast obsessed but I had to as I fell unexpectedly pregnant and had lost way too much weight and starting spotting often. I weaned my daughter within two weeks, was much easier than I expected. I let her have her little tantrum in her room (we did 2 minute time outs) and did the distraction and explained to her that it wasn't possible anymore and that she is a big girl now. Thankfully it was easier than I expected. She was 22 months old.

I am not a fan of placing something on the nipple, that's a last resort but he still is quite young, don't know if he will remember it.......

Hope everything goes well. It's not easy and I feel for you :-)
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Thank you Zazou.. Appreciate your comments. I haven been trying distraction but he's determined when he I am around. I do not come down stairs from 8am until aprox 1pm but when he seems me he starts clinging and pulling me to the sofa to make me sit so that reach the breast.
It gives me hope (I am not saying nursing my son is THAT bad..but you know what I mean!) :)
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