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Breast feeding and depression

Well I haven't been on this website since my daughter was born but I'm stuck with a difficult choice. I Had a doctors appointment today for my depression, I have been feeling pretty bad and been off of everything since I was pregnant with my her. She is 10 month and been fully breast fed, I'm so proud of myself and love being able to since I wasn't able to breast feed my son. At my appointment today the doctor told me she wanted to start me on Zoloft 50mg and to stop breast feeding. :'( She wants a follow up appoint in 3 weeks but I don't want to stop breast feeding. I told her I wanted something safe to take and she said there wasn't any and I need to just stop nursing. I have thought maybe I should just not take the pills and that way I will be able to continue to feed her as long as i want....but I'm tired of feeling sad all the time.  I have had a chemical imbalance since I was 13 so I'm used to the depression.I guess my question is, is there anyone out there that has been on zoloft and continued to breast feed? Or should I listen to my doctor and just stop and be disappointed and upset at myself that I couldn't continue to nurse her. It was the worse news hearing I need to stop. :0(  
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Can you consult with another doctor? I suffered from PPD with my boys and went without treatment for the first two, but sought help with my third. I exclusively breastfed all of them and my doctor supported it 100%and have me a low dose of Prozac while nursing my third. It really helped.  Quite honestly if I had a doctor tell me to stop nursing before even looking into it further, I would move on to another provider. You could also call and talk to a pharmacist, let them know your situation, ask for ideas and then take that information to your doctor.

Congratulations on nursing so long, you should be proud! Ultimately, your well being is paramount, but clearly weaning sounds like it will cause significant duress for you, hopefully you can find a solution that helps you without having to wean. And this may spark a debate, but I literally have never known anyone who has taken Zoloft and responded well, especially for PPD. Most ended up with severe anxiety, so be cognizant of that possibility of you choose to start it.
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Congratulations on making it 10 months! That's wonderful! I agree with above. Consult another doctor. There has to be something that's safe while breastfeeding. Hang in there hun.
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The breastfeeding forum I used to go on a lot of ladies was taking something for depression and still nursing. Your doctor is wrong and clearly has no knowledge of breastfeeding. I would consult another doctor and do research and take it in for the doctor to look over and I would also make copies and send them to the doctor you are seeing now and tell her she should have been giving you more that. Minimal care. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.
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AndiJ78- After leaving her office I already started looking around for another doctor for a second oppion but no one can squeeze me in till the end of the year(October, December and one said January). I went to an emergency clinic to get seen and  thinking that's what I did wrong. The doctor was not very supportive about my situation and made me feel she was a little against breast feeding and made a snarky comment about me delivering natural when I told her I was having hemroids(sorry tmi). She also told me that's what happens when women don't have c-sections. Which I thought was odd to say to someone. I never thought of asking the pharmacist, I may go in today if someone is open on Saturday and ask but I did think about calling my daughters pediatrician Monday. He has been very supportive  of me breast feeding and has always  told me to keep it up. I just feel awful having someone telling me to stop when I'm not ready and neither is my daughter.

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Thank you tomorrow264. :0) baby2014- Thank you so much! That makes me feel a little better hearing there are other bf moms out there on something. I just hope I can find more info so i can fall into that group. The doctor made it clear how unsafe it was to take and bf so now I will feel guilty if I start taking them. I have researched so much on breast feeding and Zoloft since I got home yesterday. What I have found makes me think its okay and safe to take but I'm not a doctor, I am just going off the internet. I figured there had to be other bf moms with depression out there. Seemed odd to me that with all the antidepressants out there, none are safe to take according to her?
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You ABSOLUTELY can take anti-depressants while breastfeeding.  I am getting ready to give birth to my 8th child and leave the hospital with a prescription in hand.  I have suffered with PPD with all my kids.  

BTW, my doctor (my OB) has always given me Zoloft for my depression.  He has delivered all 7 of my babies and I trust him with my life.  So although I am not a doctor, I can say without hesitation that you most certainly can take it and it's perfectly safe.

Good luck and please don't suffer OR feel like you have to stop nursing.  You can take care of you and baby at the same time.  I promise.  Good luck :)
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There is a website called kellymom and it has all kinds of answers to breast feeding questions. Everything on that site is very accurate with numerous references. It also has a medication safety chart which gives you the category the drug is in I believe it's a-d a and b being the safest c ask doctor and d is the do not take. Keep us posted and I hope all goes well. Definitely talk to the pediatrician I always refer to my sons to be safe.
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Michele- Thank you so much!! That's what I was hoping to find is another mom with experience on zoloft. I stopped breast feeding for three days and gave  her formula which was the biggest mistake. No one really knew on here and after being told how unsafe it was I didn't want to risk it.  She ended up getting horribly sick from the formula. The doctor  didn't know what she was talking about and made me feel even worse than before.  I talked to Audrey's  pediatrician and he told me it was safe to take and to keep feeding her if I would like. I should of called him to begin with and not even got the formula. She back to nursing now (tossed the fomula out) and I will continue to breast feed her till we are both ready to stop. :0) I will defiantly be finding myself a new doctor when I need a refill. That doctor was a joke!
Baby2014- thank you, I am going to look it up right now and hopefully find more information on depression and breast feeding.

Thank you everyone for replies. It was an awful situation having to choose between feeling better and giving up breast feeding but it seemed to work out. I really appreciate your advice and help.
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That is super! Everything worked out I hope you find a breastfeeding friendly doctor soon.
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Ugh, so hard when our hormones don't cooperate with us.  Indeed, pregnancy, birth and breast feeding all can do a number on our hormones.  And hormonal changes can lead to emotional issues and yes, true depression of a clinical nature.  I urge you to take that seriously.  You've breast fed for a long time and it is so wonderful that you have.  Hopefully treating the depression and continuing to breast feed as long as you wish can happen but the priority at this point should be your mental health.

It's hard to feel good when battling depression and if it turns out the hormonal changes from breast feeding are part of the culprit or latent post partum, then you have to get back on track.  I'm a big advocate of treating our mental health issues fully in order to be our best selves which is ultimately most important for our children.  

peace and luck to you.  

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