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Breastfeeding? Breast milk? Questions , need answers please.

With my daughter i just pumped and gave her the milk right then and there. I never produced enough to have any extra the most I made was maybe 3 in a half oz... I had to pump into a bottle and give it to her because she wouldn't latch to me.
I'm 37W and I plan on breastfeeding with this one and I even plan on getting a tea called mothers milk tea that is suppose to help you produce more.
My questions are.....
How often do I pump?
How long can breast milk be left out after pumping ?
How long can breast milk be in the fridge after I pump and put it in a container?
I've also heard of freezing milk, I would like to be able to produce alot to freeze some if I can..... How long  do I have to feed it to my son before it goes bad?
Any other tips on what to eat and drink on helping me produce alot would be awesome !  
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I pumped every 2-3 hrs during the day after baby ate and every 3 hrs at night storing the leftover in the fridge
Thawed milk use within 24 hrs don't refreeze, keep in fridge fresh milk 3-5 days but not in door of fridge. Store in deep freeze 8-12 months.

The one thing I learned from donating milk and working with lactation specialists is that breastmilk is all supply and demand, the more skin to skin contact you do and nursing on demand you do the more milk your body will make. No special teas needed :) make a demand, pump Kore nurse more etc. Always stay hydrated, drink a ton of water I'm talking around 1 gallon in a 24 HR period of time make it a goal it helps 1000x trust me. Also if you are feeling down about it you can eat oatmeal that always boosted me when I needed to make a personal ounce quota. Brewers yeast boots milk supply also. You can recipes for lactation cookies and shakes with it in it. A lot of women use it to boost milk supply.

With a drs OK you can look into fenugreek and sweet fennel supplements, some women I worked closely with in the NICU used them when they had medical issues causing their supply to dwindle. :).hope this helps

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