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First postpartum period

Hi all, I EBF for 4 months, then started supplementing when I returned to work.  I pumped adn gave 1/2 breastmilk 1/2 formual at daycare, then continued to EBF at home.  My dd is 6 months+ 1 week old now and I recently stopped pumping at work, btu I still nurse her in the evenings and on weekends (though I ahve to supplement b/c my supply has dropped.)  She has also been eating solids for about a month.
My question is, Is it unusual that I have yet to have a postpartum period??  It seems liek AF should have returned once I started supplementing, but there is NO sign.  I am on the mini-pill, but i'm not real good with it.  I've taken pregnancy tests several times (negative) in the past few weeks b/c i'm terrified of getting pregnant again!! I almost wish AF would just show up so I know what's going on!   What do you think?
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i think it's normal. With my first, my period did not return until I had completely weaned. With my second, it came back as I was cutting back on sessions.
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Me too, my second son stopped nursing at 10 1/2 months and I had no periods until after that. They were very irregular for some time too.

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