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How to teach my DD take a bottle?

Hello community,

I have to go for a test on march 4, which makes me leaving the house for 4 hours. The problem is my 2(3 month at that time wiil be)month old DD who i'm breasrfeeding and she doesn't take a bottle or pascifier. How can i teach her during these couple of weeks left? I only have my husband who can stay with her and he is not experienced with babies.
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Guess you need to express breast milk and try giving it to her in a bottle.  Do this when she is hungry so the urge to eat may overcome her reluctance.  Be persistent.

You just put the bottle in her mouth when she opens it to latch on.  For my baby I just put the teat to her mouth and she ends up taking it.

My baby is 2 1/2 weeks.  I am alternating between breast and bottle (with expressed milk) and so far no problems with either so it's just a matter of getting baby used to it.

Best wishes.

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When you're trying bottles - have your husband offer the bottles.  The baby might recognize the difference with you and be less inclined to accept the difference.  I'd try a few times before you have to be away so the baby will (hopefully) accept the difference and you are able to be away with out worry.  They have bottles that are supposed to be similar to the breast for babies that are nursed.  Check those out - we use Dr. Brown's and our son has always gone back and forth between me and the bottles just fine.  Our guy doesn't take a pacifier - he's always shoving his fingers in his mouth!
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