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Need to make more milk

Hi everyone! I'm a second time mom and just had my baby girl 9 days ago. I am trying to breastfeed but it just doesn't seem like I'm makin enough to satisfy her so I've been supplementing. After about day two of exclusively breastfeeding she started crying after feeding for a few minutes on each side and wouldn't latch on anymore. She just screamed and sucked her hands. On day 4she went to the pediatrician and she said I should supplement because she was getting a bit jaundice and lost more weight than normal. So that's what I've been doing. But I don't want to mostly use formula to satisfy her. The lactation consultant said to nurse her every 30 min during the day which I've been trying to do but she sleeps so much and it's hard to wake her up. Everyone seems to be frowning on me for using formula but she only nurses for five min on each side and then screams and won't latch again. My pump is a Medela but it doesn't get ANY milk out. Maybe a few drops. I've been drinking lots d water, eating oatmeal and drinking mother milk tea. I take warm shower and use warm compresses to get it flowing but it's just drips. Any suggestions? I'll take anything! Thanks!
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I had a similar situation. I also supplemented the first few days with formula since my baby was getting dehydrated and jaundice because my milk hasn't come in. But my lactation consultant was very encouraging and said to keep doing skin to skin and let her try to suck on the nipple even if its for a few minutes at a time. Keep tickling her ears to remind her to keep sucking (sometimes my LO falls asleep mid suck) Trust me it took a lot of sleepless days and nights but eventually my milk came in and baby was fine and I honestly only used formula for 4 or 5 days to help baby get hydrated and back to a healthy weight. my lactation consultant said to try fenugreek, you can get it in a capsule or mothers milk tea which also has fenugreek to boost milk production. for me I drank the tea and ate lots of papaya. I hope this helps. Don't be discouraged. Stay positive.
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Thank you! Ok I'm just going to keep trying. I never heard about the papaya. In goin to try that too!

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