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Nipple pain and wrist pain in nursing woman

Hi I am a mom of 6 months old daughter and currently I am suffering severe nipple and breast pain on the right side only and bilateral wrist pain.  I had C-section for my daughter.  All things were okay up until one and half months ago when I started to develop some milk lump? for which I taken some homoeopathic medicine and resolved in 2 day then it occur two to three times all time resolved in one to two days with homoeopathic medicine, but with this or after these episode I developed intermittent shooting pain in my right breast which is unbearable.  The pain occurs mainly on empty breast and during feeding.  I consulted a gyne who gave me some antibiotics and pain killer but I got only 20% improvement noted in three days and stopped medication at the advise by gyne to do a mammography that is causing me stress and doubt regarding gyne.  I asked about possibility of fungal infection that she denied by saying that there are no external sign of that, but it is same for the bacterial infection for which she prescribed antibiotics.  I noted some tongue coating around three months ago which resolved with aggressive cleaning and vitamin C.  At that time, I also suspected fungal infection, but not consulted anyone.  During the same time, I had developed bilateral wrist pain which is severe and when asked about my gyne about this she asked that it is related to IV drip placed during C-section.  I tried to post my post in doctor forum of medhelp but failed always due to overloaded question for given day.  If anyone have any suggestion please go forward
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Congratulations on having a 6month old Baby,I doubt if the wrist pain is related to the breast pain, possibly as with Carpel Tunnel you are over using that wrist,or it is related to the IV Drip you had,and it has affected the Nerves there. If this continues it seems to me you have to go back to your Doctor and ask for further evaluation of it. Good Luck
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I just wanted to say I'm sorry about your nipple pain!  I've had really painful experiences BF-ing, too, so I can relate to the disappointment, pain, and frustration.  Let us know if you figure out what's going on!
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