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Is it normal for my son to poop after ever breastfeeding?
Also is it okay to do 15 mins on each breast then a 2oz bottle to make sure he's full.
Or how should I do it?
Sorry first time breastfeeding.
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Yes, it is totally normal to have a baby poop after every feed. It can also be normal to go longer. As far as how you are feeding, nurse on the first side for fifteen minutes and when you switch, just let the baby continue nursing until finished. There is no need to follow up with a bottle. You can feed longer on the first breast before switching to the other breast. The goal is just to make sure your baby is getting both the fore milk and hind milk because both are essential.
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Okay thank you.
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I agree with AndiJ78, let the baby go 15 min or so on the first side and then on the 2nd as long as they want.  Definitely no need to give a bottle after - the baby should get all the need/want from you.

Some babies nurse for different lengths of time, there's no right or wrong way to go…  My oldest went 15 min on each side, my middle would go 10 min on each side, and my youngest would be done with both sides in 10 min. I've had friends /family nurse only one side at a time.  Find what works for you and go with that.
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I agree with both ladies. I've had the baby that poops 12 times a day and the baby that poops every four days. Both are completely normal.

My daughter who I'm currently nursing nurses one side for about 10 minutes every 3 hours where her two older brothers both nursed both sides every 3 hours. Babies are going to drink what they need so I wouldn't worry.

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