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Support to quit...feeling guilty

My son was recently diagnosed with acid reflux.  He is six weeks old...up until now I have been strictly giving him breastmilk.  I have now learned that I need to eliminate dairy from my diet.  I have two other small children of 3 years of age and 2 years of age...I barely have time to eat let alone worrying about my diet and what will effect my youngest son.  Therefore, I have decided to stop breastfeeding.  I am feeling very guilty but in the same sense feel good that I had given him breastmilk for 6 weeks.   I guess I'm just looking for a little support for my decision.  I hope I can feel better about this.
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by the way, i didn't mean the post to imply that 6 weeks wasn't enough! I like that article because it decribes that even a few days is a great start. Looking back at what I wrote, I am not sure I was clear. It was before 6 am (oh the joys of getting up to pump before work!)
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I'm sure you're very aware of all the benefits of bfing, so I will just say this...don't feel guilty, 6weeks bfing is absolutely, positively better than no bfing at all...and giving your little guy that jump start he needs was awesome!  For whatever reasons women choose to stop bfing, the decision is not taken lightly...you feel as though your jipping your baby out of the ultimate nourishment they need, and that can weigh heavy on your conscience .  So, you have my support!  Merry Christmas!
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I am wondering why they told you to quit dairy, and have you even tried it? Did eliminitaing it from your diet for 2 weeks actually help resolve the reflux? The reason I ask is because my daughter has severe reflux (and had colic) and it was never once suggested that I eliminate dairy from my diet. However, being lactose intolerant, there is not dairy in my diet, so I doubt it would make a difference. The only reason I ask is because I don't want you to quit BF, feel guilty, and have him continue to do poorly. I also worry about how he'll do on formula since some babies do get worse on formula, especially if they have digestive problems already. Have they tried meds before recommending you eliminate dairy? I am not trying to contribute to your guilt- I just worry about how he'll do and want to make sure that they are taking the proper steps to try to get him relief. My friend just went through this, and unfortunately she had to switch formula 5 times and ended up on very expensive a prescription formula before she found the formula her baby tolerates. Reflux is common in infants, and is not necessarily a sign of dairy intolerance. You can google "lactose intolerance in the breastfed baby" and you'll get some helpful resources, including a kellymom article.

However, I do want to say that if you have decided to quit, 6 weeks is awesome. You gave your baby an advantage that many babies do not get. On a personal note, I know how difficult it was to nurse while having only 1 toddler in the house, so you should be prooud you did it with 2!!!
The following excerpt is from a page that outlines the benefits babies receive from breastmilk. Even bf'ing for a few days is great for baby, so 6 weeks is a solid start.

"Breastfeeding during these early days is helpful for you as well as your baby. Breastfeeding helps you develop a special closeness as you get to know this special little person who has entered your life, and also helps your body recover from childbirth more quickly by releasing hormones that contract your uterus and reduce post-partum bleeding.

The benefits of breastfeeding in the early days provide an excellent reason to nurse your baby as early and as frequently as possible after birth, even if you feel that you can only do it for a short period of time.

If you nurse your baby for 4-6 weeks, you will be helping to ease his transition through the most vulnerable part of his infancy. Babies who are breastfed have lower rates of many illnesses, including digestive and respiratory problems, pneumonia and meningitis, and SIDS... (http://www.breastfeedingbasics.com/html/Benefits.shtml)

Good luck, and let us know how everything goes. We have been struggling with reflux for 4 months now, and i have learned a bit about it, so let me know if you have any questions. We are now trying a different med and I am feeling optimistic
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