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Tips for breastfeeding? And advice for clogged milk duct?

I had my son 3 days ago.  And I have been trying to breastfeed. We'll my milk hasn't exactly came in all the way yet. I do try to put my son on my breast first, he will go for about 10-15 minutes and then I give him a bottle. As for today my boobs are super hard, and he won't latch. I've pumped 3 times today and got a total of 4.5oz from both breast together.
How else can I try to get my milk to come and to produce alot? I'm eating every hour in half or so. I'm drinking water 60oz the minimum a day. I also have this hard ball under my left armpit that showed up **** morning.. It hurts to touch I'm thinking its a clogged milk duct? I was reading a little on them. I got one with my daughter and it stayed even after I breastfeed her?.... An now with my son its the same exact one its just gotten a little bigger and harder. Its like the size of a golf ball? You can't see it when I have my arms down but when I put my arm up its very noticeable.  Is it normal ? Should I be worried ? How can I get it to go down? I try not to worry about it so much but its kinda of a big stresser to me...
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The lump seems to be part of the engorged breast. The only way to get your breasts to produce more milk is to empty each breast FULLY at the time of breastfeeding, making sure it gets empty at each feed.

If it gets super hard, he may have a tough time latching on. At such times, squeeze a little milk out to soften them, making it easier to latch. Offer him a feed multiple times if he doesn't latch or feed well.

DO NOT get into the vicious cycle of baby not feeding well, your breasts getting engorged and then slowly milk supply diminishing.

Wish u the best!

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