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Hi everyone, I'm 34 weeks pregnant and I'm not sure if im gonna be breastfeeding or not. So I was wondering how much formula for baby need a day? It there a web site that I can go and see the amount of formula that I will need for the firsts months!
Thank you
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I'm not shure I only bf so I would not know a thing abt formula.. have u tried posting on the pregnancy forum 18-24 n just ask the already momies I'm shure they can help u
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At birth about 1oz every 1-2 hours. Then by 4-5 days old about 2oz every 1-3 hours. At 4 weeks about 2-3oz every 1.5-3 hours. It changes frequently at first because their stomachs grow quickly as they get older it change as often. Be careful when bottle feeding because its easy to over feed
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I had posted this before on a couple of other posts.  Keep in mind it just an estimate and will depend of various things like the formula brand, how much baby eats and how big the formula containers are.

Similiac advanced 23.2 oz can at $23.99
First month baby will eat 1-3 oz every 2-3 hrs lets say baby will eat 8 times and each he will eat 3 oz that tub will be gone in one day. So you'll be spending in that week alone $167.93 roughly.
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Thank you all for the comments :)

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