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is it weird for anyone else?

so im pretty sure im going to breastfeed my daughter when shes born but i think its going to awkward.i know its natural and i know its the best thing for me and her but i just feel a little weird about it.any advice?
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I want to breastfeed to when my baby is born.. But i just want my baby to hurt my boob so im going to get a breast pump. you should get one of those.
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I am but i was told its good to at least try and feed her from my breasts.
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I know how u feel my son is 7 weeks old and has been exclusively breast fed ..I don't like doing nursing in public if I have to I use a blanket to cover us but I usually pump a bottle for when I'm out an about ..when I'm at home I breastfeed mostly ..if u only pump an u dont let the baby nurse u will lose your supply ..once you get the hang of it ,it won't be so weird for u ...also I only got to bf my daughter for a month an a half because I started topump too soon give it a month or so to establish your supply ..good luck  :)
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Thank u so much!i feel a little better about it :)
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That's nt tru... U dnt lose Ur supply... If u pump... The onli way it will slow dwn if u dnt pump just as often as if u were breastfeeding the baby... That's a fact... Ever 3hrs just about... N the longer u wait to pump/ breast feed  the less u produce eventually....
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Due to latching issues frown 4 weeks on I have been pumping... like previous poster said if u pump every 3-4 hrs you will not loose supply. I get about 6 -8oz per side every 3 hrs and I pump 20 min each side. I also drink mother's milk tea which helps. A great resource is ************ under breastfeeding section read about pumping it explains how to exclusively pump successfully.
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I feel the same way I took a breastfeeding class down at the health department. After you really just watch videos and learn how good it is for your child you feel better. The reason why we feel weird about doing it is because a lot of people these days use formula. If every woman breastfed their babies we would have less sick babies and we would be doing what we were naturally made to do.
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You can also talk to your obgyn or a lactation consultant. It depends woman to woman how breastfeeding goes and it is not recommended for everyone. If you try and it does not work out that's better than not trying at all  :-).
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Some women don't react well to strictly pumping, I took a class on breastfeeding and learned how to exclusively pump, and I pumped exclusively for 2 weeks and woke up one morning to find my milk supply had dried up completely.
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Breastfeeding is the best!!  You should feel like a proud, powerful, life-giving mama when you do it! :)  The idea of it can be a little weird, at first, and it is not always easy, but it is super rewarding and precious time w your little one. I am sooo glad i did it and didn't quit, my baby girl is almost 7 mos old and we are still going strong. Good luck, you can do it!!
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my little girl is 7 days old and I was really wierd about it at first just because I was a little unsure. im trying to stay away from formula as long as I can but we have a few cans around just in case I cant pump before we go out or I have to be away from my baby girl for a bit. I still cant bring myself to brestfeed in public even with a cover so I havnt left the house much and even at my mil its kinda akward but it is getting a little easier and im getting more comfortable with it each day.
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You won't know how you'll feel about it until you give it a try! Go in with a positive attitude about trying to nurse, and know that you can have the back up plan of pumping. Knowing you have plan b will take some of the pressure off. We really do put a lot of pressure on ourselves! Pumping is a lot of work, so I personally would recommending trying to BF if you can. But like many have said, it is possible to exclusively pump if you have a good pump and good pumping habits. I lasted over 8 months.
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i was nervous about this too but once i started it wasn't awkward at all.  I am still not comfortable bfing in public like even at someone else's house, but i just plan ahead and pump bottles or ask to use their bedroom.  something about having my boob out infront of everyone makes me uncomfortable but at home i almost always have them hanging out!  At first my husband would be like "oh your feeding the baby..."  now he doesn't' even notice the girls are out and was just carry on our normal conversations.  like anything else you have to get used to it
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I am breastfeeding my second baby and it still amazes me that they can live on something like that and actually get so chunky too! lol
It is very rewarding actually and had way to many benefits for me not to try.
The point that it got weird for me is when my son was about 11 months old and started playing with my other nipple when feeding. That's the point where I weaned him because I wasn't comfortable with that.
I have no problem nursing anywhere...I just need to take a big enough blanket to cover up with and we are good to go.
It makes me sad knowing that this may be my last baby and the last time I will ever get to do this!

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