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Infected Friction Burn?

About 12 days ago, I was swimming in a friend's pool with her and some of her family. We were playing games, horsing around, and I fell in accidentally. The area surrounding the pool (it's an underground pool) is rough cement, and the top of my foot must have scraped along it. I didn't notice at first (because of the chlorine, maybe?), but it began bleeding quite a bit. The wound is about as long as the tip of my little finger to the second knuckle, and varies in width. It took several days for it to scab over, and the scab has a yellowish-green color to it. It's sore when I bend my big toe (it's on the joint between my big toe and my foot), and when it rubs against my shoes. I have been putting neosporin on it, but I'm trying to let it breathe as much as possible. The yellow stuff just isn't going away. I even poured rubbing alcohol on it to see if it fizzed, but nothing. Didn't even hurt (although I did do that when it was a scab). What can I do to make it heal faster? Marching band season is coming and I can't have this rubbing against my shoe all day. It would be really uncomfortable. Thank you for reading :)
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