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What to expect from damaged nerves from deep 2nd degree bur s to ankle?

A month ago, I had an accident  which involved stepping into a trench of scalding water. Thankfully I was wearing waterproof boots, but when the eater started running down the boot it caused deep second degree burns from my sock line to my ankle and lesser 1st and 2nd degree burns down to just above my heel and the top half of my boot.

I have been seeing a doctor regularly for wound care (5 days the week of the accident, 2 times a week for 2 weeks after that and now once a week)

Now, a month later with it healing, I am realizing peripheral nerve damage causing random desensitization, itching and/or burning from the top of the burn to almost my knee running in a vertical strip where the shin meets the calf on the outside of my leg, absolute numbness on the top inside of my foot right past where the burn ends and the same desensitization,  itching, burning and pins and needles all over the burn area and the top of my toes and just today realized I cannot pull my big toe upwards.  

I've heard peripheral nerves can heal, and can take anywhere up to 3 years to do so, but want to k ow what else to expect form the damaged nerves as they attempt to heal and what I can do at home that might aid in the reparations.  Any I do is appreciated and I can post pictures if wanted (I've been taking weekly update pictures for my mother)
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