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Hello all my brothers and sisters...I want to apoligize, for not being here very much for the last several months. Since my kidney transplant, I feel so good I am pretty much out and about, staying busy. I felt so bad for so long, didn't know how bad I really felt. The LORD has blessed my life so much. Tomorrowwill be 11 weeks since my transplant and haven't had one problem. Being covered by the Blood of Jesus, is such a wonderful feeling. I thank you all for all the prayers and notes of encouragement. Pleae I want YOU ALL to know how much I love you all, I will make a point to be here more often...God Bless you all...love..your brother in Christ...brian
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Oh Brian, you have nothing to apologize for! Don't you know that we, as brothers and sisters in Christ, grieve with those who grieve but ALSO REJOICE with those who REJOICE! We are rejoicing with you, brother, and are thrilled that you are feeling so well from your transplant that you are going out and enjoying your life! Praise God! And praise God that you have not had any complications and are healing and doing so well from this! It's good to get good news and we are thrilled with how well you are doing!

Post when you can but do go out and enjoy your life too! God has blessed you and we are all happy for you! :)
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Amen bro! You have nothing 2 feel sorry 4! God took you away 4a reason & only you know that reason! But thank God 4 that good report! Glad 2 have you back!
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No apology needed. God has given you this gift and wants you to enjoy his earth. Have fun and keep spreading God's word.
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What a awesome God we serve.It gives me so much hope to hear this story of sucess & healing!!! My 9 year old nephew will have the same surgery in the near future.

Feel Good
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Hey Brian! Do not apologize, you get out there and live life! You have been given a second chance so make the most of it! Lisi251 I pray your nephew will experience the same miracle. There are plenty to go around!
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