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Does anyone have family worship anymore?

As a child one of my fondest memories was our family worship.  My mom was a christian lady and had to raise us kids as a single parent.  I have reflected on our family worship several times over the last few months..  Mom would gather the 6 of us kids together and we would sing hymns, read Bible stories and work on memorizing a verse for the week.  We closed by saying our bedtime prayers.

I wish i could say John and I have family worship but not yet.  I keep praying and in time I will be able to say we have family worship.

This family tradition can definitey impact children and adults in a very positive way.  Anyway, I have thought alot lately about if anyone ever did it anymore.  Would love to find out.  Thanks Julia
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We do but not on a daily basis I'm ashamed to say.  But as you say, it is awesome when you do...We listen to Cristian music, watch a few teachers of the Word on TV daily (some are awesome, some not), read our bibles and I have Pastors as friends so they send emails with music and a study almost on a daily basis (I can't wait to start my day like that!) and it's truly is a Blessing words can not discribe :)  Todays was awesome <3  
This thread reminds me of the passage 2 Chronicles 7:14
if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.
Great question!
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Sorry to say but we do not.However I have been recording my favorite Pastors
Christian bible study & watching that.That program has really just been a blessing
to me for many years ,also in my lifes hardest days!!!!

It really helps to uplift the soul.

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I am sad to say, "no" but, I do watch Charles Stanley, and I have lots of teaching tapes by him and Joyce Meyers that I listen to, I also try to share with my fiance`.

Blessings to all
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We do not in my home. I wish the men would become the spiritual leaders in the home that God called them to be. Can you imagine the turn around in our homes and families if this were to take place.

The family worship time should take precedence over the tv, but I am ashamed to say, it does not.


     Great question, BTW. Thanks.
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  I also wish that husbands and fathers would lead the home in family worship.
  It is a documented fact that women are the religious leaders in our nation.
This is not  what God intended  but I believe knowing that fact now makes us reponsible .

I should clarify my statement.  More women attend church and participate in religious activities.  Some women have started getting college degrees in theology and assumming roles of ministrying.  I still have personal isues with women ministers.

  On the other hand I also have a problem when male leaders discontinue womens programs so the  women can stay in the homes where they belong.

Ok julia get off your soap box and dont let personal situations interfer with your sharing on medhelp.  Sorry about that.   From what i have read women should teach women.  Will close before I begin to get off track.
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I know what you mean about the men not stepping up to be the spiritual leaders of their homes. It does seem like more women are taking on that role when God meant it for the man. I wish we did do more. We do pray together sometimes but I have to suggest it. We say grace, of course, but haven't really had family devotions, I'm sorry to say. Now my two oldest are all grown up. I do regret a lot of missed opportunities and mistakes but I'm trying to grow and learn and move forward now.
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The great thing about God is he allows U turns, it's never too late to do what you want to do :) though His Power and to His Glory!
We can stir eachother up to do it :)
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As a child, on every Sunday, my parents would gather us like a Rooster, Hen and 5 baby chicks behind the Rooster (Dad (lol) and would would walk to Church. My father use to give us each 2 dimes and nickle. During service we would each put our portion of donation *( 5 cents (lol) and keep the other 2 dimes for a treat at a near by store. I have fond memories of us as a family. Now, mom died, dad is 84, I'm engaged and go to Church every Sunday and every one else is married w/family. Some do, most don't. We can't blame our parents for not instilling in us the family values and gains of going to church on Sunday, but that with time has faded with the majority of people. If family do keep the tradtion, many blessings to them, but most don't.  Judy
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