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GOD still heals....."by HIS stripes I am healed"

God is healing people each and everyday, and do not let the world tell you otherwise. many people especially those in the world  think healings by God are something only for bible times. Just like they say the other gifts of the spirit were only for those times. We may not see the blind seeing by the thousands, or the lame walking..yet it does happen.

Sunday the 14th valentines day, i received a kidney transplant. My surgeron told me as soon as he got the kidney transplanted and connecte it started working immedailty. I needed no dialysis to kick start it as 8 out 10 transplant patients do. In 4 days I was released from the hospital...in 4 days after my kidney traansplant I am sitting in my easy chair. All my blood work was comming back almost normal like I never had kidney problem in my life. Yes I am sore and I am recupparating, but I feel great.

God healed me...Hegave that surgeron and techs and nurses and all the other hospital staff the gifts that they have. So do not let the world tell you GOD does not heal ..there are many ways of healings, i am living proof of physically and we all are of the spirit..ALL the glory goes to God...

I want to thank everyone for the pryers leading up to my transplant and please keep praying we all need it...God is good...God is awsome....God Bless...brian
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That is such an amazing story to hear. To God be the glory!! May He continue to work in your life.
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GOD Bless Sooooo You Muuuuccchh my Dear Brother : ) I am sooooo Happy for you it actually brought tears of <3 heart <3 felt joy to my eyes =0) I Love you my Dear Brother in GOD, The Christ, and Our Family "GOD's Team United"  <3 jimi (little wing =0) <3
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You soooo much =0) sorry for type Oh LoL if it wasn't there it wouldn't be me LoL Health and Wellness to tou Mr Brian "Our JollyMan"
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Brian, I am so glad you got your kidney! I have been praying about this. God is good. :) Just rest up now and enjoy life. To God be the glory. :)
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I am so happy for you Brian! God is good!
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This is wonderful news!!!! See you where very depressed about not being able to receive the other kidney.This kidney is the one the Lord wanted for you!!!
Sometimes Gods greatest gifts are unanswered prayers...
Glory to the living God
God bless you
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Great news Brian. Very happy for you!
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What a GOD blessed healing you have received...I am so happy and excited for you!  

Blessings and pleasant thoughts to you this day and always.
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YAY God is the great healer!!
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