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God is soooooo good

This past Tuesday afternoon, I get a call from the Universty of Maryland transplant center. The nurse who is in charge of my case told me that I am now number 1 on the kidney transplant list for my blood type. She told me that I will be a getting a call anytime for a kidney. I have been on dialysis fro 6 years now, and I am now at the top of the transplant list...This is wonderful news and all the Glory and Praise for this goes to God....Ever since I got right with God things in my life have turned around 180 degrees, God has showered so many blessings upon me, and this one is unbeleiveable.....Thank You Father..all the Glory and Praise goes to you....My daughter was going to donate but some health concerns for her they wouldnt allow it....

God is soooo good to His people....I will try to let you all know when I get the call and leave for the surgery, and please keep me in your prayers...I know with God guiding the surgeons hands and Him being there with me all wiull be great...God Bless all...brian
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Oh Brian!  I am so happy!  It is been so long in coming! Praise God it should be anytime now! Oh what wonderful news! Congratulations and yes do let us know when you get that call that we might lift you up in prayer. Awesome!
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Oh yea!!! Awesome news!!! I am so happy for you, Brian! God IS good, all the time. He is faithful and trustworthy. He will see you through this.

Keep us updated on all of this! Thank you for sharing the good news. :D
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AweSome, Fabulous, and most WonderFul Brian =0)

                                                      Prayers, Blessings Love and light....

                                                                 <3 jimi (little wing =0) <3
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Congratz!!! Your right God is good!!! Please keep us updated and I will keep you in my prayers!
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God is an awesome God! He works in mysterious ways and He is good to his faithful servants. Oh, how I wish the people around the world would just open their hearts to Him.  Congratulations and we will continue to prayer for a sucessful surgery and rapid healing. Please keep us informed on how you are coming along....hugs, Judy
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How awesome is this!!!!
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