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I have a confession to make

This id very hard for me to do.  It is never easy For me to apologize and especially on such a large level.  I will not blame anyone for banning me fron ever using this site again.  I deserve whatever you decide.  All i ask is that you please forgive me.

I owe an apology to everyone on this forum.  I belonged here a while back and pulled away.  The reasons were of my own imagination and unrealistic expectations.  First of all I will never forget all the support i rec'd when really depressed.  I copied the responses and have them in my Bible for assurances when I  start to get depressed again.  Thank you.

I went on a tangent and felt dejected and unaccepted.  To be honest that was my own insecurities.  I felt my requests and comments were not important or appreciated due to the limited response received.  I know from my Christian up bringing that to think wrongly is just as much of a sin as doing wrongly.  I not only apologize for my negative thinking but also for the bad mouthing I have done to other potential members.  I lied about the forum stating that it was cliques and if you didn't fit in you would feel isolated.  I am so sorry for speaking ill of this forum not only because it was wrong to do so but I feel so badly about the potential clients that were deprived of the support they may have rec'

Please accept my apology.  I will hold my tongue and will work on my insecurities and not blame others for my uneasiness.
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Wow, that took a lot of guts to write. I don't know what to say. I'm sad you felt that way. I have never felt like this was a clique at all. I love the people on here and love to talk to other Christians.

I do think we all tend to get busy in our lives and sometimes we're so wrapped up in our own problems we have a hard time seeing someone else's pain and need for fellowship. I honestly think it's more that than it being a clique. I would feel terrible if someone ever felt unwelcome here. I know I haven't been coming here as much as I used to but again, I think I just got too wrapped up in my own "stuff" in my own life for awhile there.

I know Jollyman is the founder but I can say I have no issues with you coming back here. That's what we're here for, to have fellowship with other believers, to share things we've learned, to pray for each other, and hopefully to grow in our walk with the Lord and closer to each other.

You said you've bad mouthed this community to other potential members so I would like to ask one favor from you, if you haven't already done so, I'd like to ask that you'd go back to those people and share with them what you just shared with us. It took a lot of courage for you to post this here for us all so I believe with all confidence you can take that next step of courage and go to those people and admit what happened. Would you do that?

I know there's always the risk for rejection but I believe God expects us to pick up our brother and sister when they fall and bring them back into the fold, especially when there is true repentance. God says if our brother sins against us and comes back and asks forgiveness, we are to forgive as many times as they ask, or 7 times 70 (which the number 7 has always stood for eternity). That is what grace is all about. It's undeserved merit. None of us deserve God's grace but He gives it to us anyway because He loves us.

I'm glad to see you back, Stubby, and would like to ask you to please come to me, jollyman or boldsojah4christ or anyone on here you feel comfortable with  if you ever feel so dejected again so that there won't be any misunderstanding and we can talk and pray things through.

I hope you have a good church and friends where you are too who can pray with you and for you and where you can get fed.

I love the people here but I know how hard it is online to get close to others and how important it is to have people around us too. We need to keep a good balance with that.

I hope you do have a good support system around you. Stay in the Word, keep some good worship music on, and keep praying and praising God. God is there and He will be your closest friend.

Please consider finding a prayer partner too. I have one, she's my best firend. We don't meet as often as we used to because she moved a little further away but we still call almost every day or text and let each other know how we can pray for the other person. She keeps me accountable too and bugs me to stay in the Word and not give up hope. :) I hope you can find someone like that because it makes all the difference in the world. It really does.
And most of all, keep your eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith. We feeble humans will fail and falter and let each other down, but the Lord will never let you down, so look to Him above all else and He will guide you and direct your steps.
God bless you, sister. Peace to you.

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I am new here----glad you are here! :)
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WE ALL FALL SORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD........stubby I have fallen so much.. would have thought GOD's arms would have gotten tired of catching me....HE never gets tired and hugs me harder and with more love....

JESUS gave two great charges to ua...to us....to go out and tell all about the good news of CHRIST......and too love one another as HE loves us...

there is a song by The Casting Crowns...it is called.."Love them loke JESUS".....so we have to love one another likie JESUS loves us...

stubby ...YOU are more thgen welcomed back,,and as April ask ..if it is laid on ur heart plz tell the ones that u talked to about what u have tole us

If I can ever be of any help plz message me.....GOD BLESS....WELCOME BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!
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All that matters stubby is that ur back! & that's all that matters we all have had some negative thoughts on here ALL of us! I always used 2 think wasn't no one hearing me on this site as well! Until GOD had 2 remind me through April it's not about the people but obeying him! We accept you back in the sheep fold;)
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I think we all have to be reminded of that, sometimes several times, to keep our eyes on the Lord, not on man, because man will always disappoint us and let us down. Thank God we have a merciful God! I don't know what I would do without Him! God is good, all the time!
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I feel so humbled, I honestly did not think I could be forgiven.  In response to your questions and suggestions.  I did talk to 4 different people I remembered gossiping to.  i told them that I had to apologize and correct statements I had made.  I had 3 people accept it as if it was nothing.  One person gave me a lecture which was all right on.  It too was a humbling situation.  I am currently praying that God will direct me to others I may have bad mouthed you guys too.  i asked for guidance and that any one else be sent my way to right my wrong.   Thank you for welcoming me back in your fold.  I will definitely work on my sensitiveness.
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Amen! Always remember love & forgiveness is the key! Without it how can we love GOD & hate our brutha & sista!!!!!! I got a lot of flack from people on here as well for making mends with certain people on here.......
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The best sermon you will ever hear on love and forgiveness is by Pastor Dan Mohler. Its on a site called neck ministries. LOVE & FORGIVENESS ---
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Amen Sis;)
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Really Jolly???? have we All not made mistakes, including me LoL =0) come back my Friend we need you here Now more then ever, Amen, I personally miss your song lyrics!!! They were and are thought provoking and real (your life story through the lyrics of artists) When you became a Born Again Christian it was "All Good" but then the lyrics stopped and that saddened me InDeed. Be who You are not who your human Pastor wants you to be. Be like The Christ and Dare to be who you are and different. Stand for Something or Fall for anything my Friend and Brother =0)

                                                               Always in GOD and Christ Jesus

                                                                    jimi (lil wing =0)
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