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I wanted to share a pray with you

I found a dieters pray book.  The prayers are beautiful and relate to so much more then dieting.  I also shared a prayer from the bok in my journal.  This is a different prayer.  The name of the book is "The Dieter's Prayer Book". by Heather Harpham Koff.

Dear God,
when my strength is gone,
be my strength for me.
When I get to the end of my rope ,
meet me there with Your power and Your amazing grace.
When I fall because I have pridefully trusted
in my own wisdom and strength,
help me out in trust to  You again.
Thank You for the assursance
that whatever my day brings
or whatever You put in front of me,
You'll give me the strength I need.
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Cool :)
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Amen. Good prayer for any circumstance. Thanks for sharing!
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