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Please pray for our 4 fallen Police Officers in Wa State.

I just feel the need to post this here even though it has nothing to do with chronic pain.

I live only a couple of miles away from where 4 of our Police officers were senselessly executed while sitting in a Forza coffee shop prior to starting their shifts. I never knew any of these officers personally, but my wife's friend lives next door to one of the deceased officers.

They 'ALL' had young children and three of the four were married. Words cannot express how this mindless act has affected 'EVERYONE' in this community.

Please pray for healing in Washington State and specifically for these officers families and friends that God will comfort them in some small way at this very difficult time. {lease also pray for their brothers and sisters in the Lakewood Police dept that are still serving the community as they try to grieve their fallen comrades.

Please also pray that this suspect is caught soon and brought to justice for his heinous crime.

Sorry for posting this here but I know there are many people here that will pray, that is all we have left as we try to make sense of a senseless act.

Thank you all in advance for your prayers for these officers,their families and the Lakewood Police officers as they must still carry out their duty to serve and protect even as they grieve.

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Of course they will be in my <3 heart <3 felt Prayers along with their Families <3 jimi (little wing) <3
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all I can say is .....AMEN......God Bless....brian
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You are more than welcome to post here. It doesn't have to have anything to do with chronic pain. This is a place for Christian believers to meet, discuss things and pray for each other.
Yes, we need to pray about this situation. What a horrible, senseless act. My heart goes out to those families who suffered this terrible loss. I pray God will comfort them and be very close to them during this sad time. May God watch over all our police officers, firemen, paramedics and others who sacrifice themselves and put themselves in harms way for our protection. God bless them all.
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The suspect was not only caught, but shot and killed by police officers who felt threatned after surrounding him, I believe yesterday or this morning. What has become of this world. There is so much evil, senseless crime, lack of love, lack of belief in God. Oh, how I wish our Lord Jesus Christ would come with a new heaven and earth, because earth feels like hell.
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Judy....I feel that the eastern sky is going to split open and it isnt going to be long...Jesus is coming back for His children....Praise God,,,brian
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Judy, Your community and the families of those slain officers have my prayers, God Bless their souls. Cherie
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