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Can we talk about HOUSE??

It is my favorite show. It often drives me nuts but I tune in every week. I won't even take phone calls when it's on....LOL

Anyone else "hooked" on this show?

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Yes in my house, we watch House a lot and have his DVDs even the old ones we re run. What do you think about his accent he is English but he does an amazing American voice, I have watched him for years and always thought him a good actor , many English plays .Sometimes the Part he plays drives me wild but I know that brilliance sometimes goes hand in hand with Mental challenges ,he doesnt seem to think clearly yet he is amazingly perspedtive about sickness even has ESP .Yes I like you really enjoy the Show.
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Of course you can talk about House , i don't watch it but my sister loves it
I am a reality Nut. the only show i watch at night thats not reality is Heros
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I think we would all have the answers to our medical problems if we had House for a dr.  We might not like what we hear, but I would believe it coming from him!
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Yes I would believe him too.

I am about to purchase the yearly episodes. My sister has them and she says you learn a lot and understand more about him and the plot when you watch it from episode to episode, back to back.

I am very upset that they are writing Cameroon out of the show. I have always preferred her over 13.
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House is on tonight. I will be watching.

He never ceases to amaze me.
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I love House! What do you all think of the new transformation of House?
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Being a Chronic Pain Sufferer I am not pleased at the way the treat his pain. I liked the old House better, pills and all!!
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Really? I kind of like the new House. He was starting to get a little too nasty there towards the end, I thought. It's still early but I was hoping this new House doesn't mean he'd lose his sense of humor! I do like his dry humor and practical jokes, just not quite as nasty.
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Yes you can..he may be on tonight and I am missing it ............
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House was not broad casted in my area this week which really mad me angry. Does anyone else see this weeks episode??

I do like him a bit calmer but I do not like that they are not addressing his chronic pain...maybe he never had any? Sad to think that he was just an addict after they made you beleive he had real pain. Alas, another show that makes ppl that require pain medications look like addicts!! But I have to tell myself that this is just TV.

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Ok I'm in House withdrawal. I hear he won't be back till the second week of November. Thank goodness it's almost here
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I wish they wouldnt keep running the old ones I am waiting for a new one ,wonder if I have missed it ...
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No I didnt miss it I caught it that night and I have to tell you it could be my brain fog but I was bored stiff ,yes Cameron left but it was all long close up shots of House and it really wasnt good, I think sometimes the script writers get lost .....
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