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Ok how about this.
What was your all time favorite Tv show ?
old or new.
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i love lucy is a classic,,,,, tom n jerry were on eof my favorites!... and i used to watch the munsters with my dad all the time!

gilligans island....full house..family matters

ROSANNE is the best show of ALLL TIME!!!.. i STILL watch it every morning getting ready for work.... the episode called "a stash from the past" is the BEST episode EVER!!!.... hahaha if you get a chance and have 15 mins youtube that one and have a GREAT laugh!
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I Love Lucy, Golden Girls, Andy Griffith, The Three Stooges.
New ones I like (prob 'cause I'm a teen; if I was older I'd prob think they weren't that great but whatever...) are Secret Life, Make It Or Break It, Greek, Big Bang Theory, NCIS, Criminal Minds, all the CSIs, Mentalist, Medium, and Ghost Whisper.
I watch a lot of TV! lol Gotta love multi-tasking!
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I love Lucy and the golden girls , but they were repeats .yup frazer was cool...
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I use to love to watch The Golden Girls with my Grandma. I catch it on reruns now and again. I use to watch the Ed Sullivan Show when I was a little girl and Andy Griffith too

Strange I use to like Lucy and now I find the reruns degrading to a woman's intelligence. Times change and I should probably look at it as what it was meant to be, entertainment. By all accounts Lucy was a bright business woman.

I liked Frazer and Cheers.
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I use to love 3's company,  Happy Days
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Hi, when I was growing up I used to rush home to watch The Three Stooges, nowadays people say that it's way too violent, I enjoyed I Love Lucy, The Andy Griffith Show  Ponderosa, Flipper and of corse Ed Sullivan. Those are some of the old.
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