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Young and the restless

Last week Adam switched the babys I felt so bad for sharon and nick, Adam needs his a.. kicked
I hope Nick does it when the trough comes out because it will. Now that Victor is going to get colleens hart
and he will live I wonder if he will be with Nikki again or Ashley??
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The show should be really good today Nick tells his wife that sharons baby was his.

Hey do you watch As The World Turns?
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I know what you mean.  I felt so bad for Sharon when he told her that the baby had died.  It was so sad.  And then when Nick found out OMG I just felt so bad for him.  Adam is an idiot.  I really hope that it will come out that it is not Ashley's baby and that it is Nick and Sharon's.  Of course, then you have Ashley being devastated.

Wow, that takes a really strong faith to give their daughters heart to the man that caused her to die in the first place.  But we know that Victor cannot die.  The show would be lost without him.

And as for Nikki, she will get Victor back.  She always does.
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