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8 years of fighting and finally get CLOMID!!

Hi ladies, I have reacently started taking clomid on tuesday last week for 5 days. But my question is why the hell do they make you feel so ill?! my god i was so emotional and angry! my poor husband was my target and he had done nothing wrong lol...I have my first scan on the 23rd this coming friday to see if have responded to the medication but as this is all so new to me im so scared, we've waited so long to get this drug now i pray it works which cannot be good for my mind or hormones! thinking asbout the outcome all the time...

But one really good thing about it is i had my first "normal"pieriod in i'd say 2 years. I came on and had 2 very heavy days and finished on day 7, it was heaven for it to start and stop and not go one for 2 months. so who knows maybe this is my time to become a mum like i deserve....

michelle x
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When I took clomid I took the pills at night to help control some of the side effects. The only one I noticed was hot flashes.
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:) Clomid is kind of hormonal medicine.. your body will take sometime to get use to side effects... i have taken 10rounds of clomid trust me... i was on emotional roller coaster... i fell pregnant at 6th round but had miscarriage had to take it again... i am expecting again 24wks... i had all the side effects in the book including spotting lol.... weird.... but it worths a try :)
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