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Cheap Pregnancy/Ovulation tests

I was in Dollar Tree (used to be called Everythings a Dollar) yesterday... THEY HAVE pregnancy tests AND ovulation prediction tests. I bought 2 of each just to see- but thought- WOW- if these really work- all that money that all of us have been using on these tests could be REALLY reduced!!! HAS ANYONE used these before and had good results??? I know- you get what you pay for- but just curious! You can order in bulk on Dollartree.com if they work... BTW- took a test this morning and got a negative... but then again it may be too early... REALLY feeling pregnant- nipples are swollen in this odd way and SOOOO tender- nausea yet HUNGRY later in the day... moody- ect.... but I know Clomid can do this to you as well, right?? Please llet me know if anyone has had success with these tests! Thanks!!!
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My friend bought her pregnancy test there and I laughed because I thought it couldn't possibly work right. Well, I was wrong and she was pregnant. I have no idea about the ovualtion tests but I would guess they work well too. Women out there shouldn't be afraid to buy the test there. They just aren't as "pretty" as some of the other test (if you can call a pregnancy test pretty). Good luck and may a baby not be far in your future.
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I have used thoses. I have some now. They work pretty good. I found out I was pregnant the first time around when I first took clomid but miscarried. I'm back on clomid and hopes it do well again but just give me a sticky bean!
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