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Clomid round 1

I'm Colleen 20 years old I just started clomid this morning after a negative blood test yesterday. I have PCOS with no other health problems (healthy weight, non smoker/drinker, good diet etc.) and we have been actively ttc for the last six months with only 3 periods and a lot of let downs. I am just looking for some support through this process since the last 6 months have been so hard, and I am worried the clomid will make it harder for me emotionally. Any advice/ encouragement would be very much welcome and appreciated
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Keep the faith!! It took me a few tries before I got the hang of tracking my cycle and using Clomid but I was successful. Now we are back on the journey again.  Good luck and sending you tons of baby dust.
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Thank you so much! Good luck to you also and tons of baby dust to you!
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Dont worry...All is well...
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Thank you since this post I did a second round and was able to conceive!!! I am currently 15 weeks =]
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Congrats....i am include u in my prayers....
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How many mg was your dose on second round? And what days did you take the clomid? Just curious I am on my first round dr put me on 150 mg days 2-6. Not to hopeful.
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