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help please

Anyone with pcos have any success with clomid
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I did my second round of clomid this December and I did ovulate.  I am now 5 weeks 4 days pregnant.    It does work.

We even decided to stop trying but had sex on the day I ovulated and didn't know it till days later
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I am taking Clomid 50mg as of now. I took provera for 10 days for my period to start. Once I did start I was spotting for 3 days before I got an actually. I was told to take my Clomid 3 day of my period. My question is with me having PCOS will period go off after I take my last pill of Clomid. I have very irregular periods. I have been 8 months without a period before and when my period comes on it usually stays on for awhile as I am worried it will stay on for long lengths of time. Will it go off after the Clomid cycle is over. So that I will be able to Baby dance with my husband? I am so worried
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i took clomid 10 rounds... last yr i fell pregnant at 6th round and had a miscarriage in december... then i fell pregnant again on 4th round in june.. now 24wks pregnant :)

best of luck ...
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Meee..... I got my BFP on my third round of Clomid 50mg (Days 2-6) I hope you girls get your Clomid BFPs soon, dont lose faith!!
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I wanna know this too.. I was diagnosed with pcos.. and been given 50mg of clomid took first course last week.. wanna kow how likely is it that it will work first time round :/
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