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Hypothermia post COVID. Anyone else has the same symptoms?

I contracted COVID two times - October 2020 and in April 2021. Ever since then I’ve been dealing with episodes of hypothermia at unexpected times. My body temperature drops as low as 90° Fahrenheit sometimes and during this time I start to lose consciousness. My body feels lethargic, I have high blood pressure and eventually I start sweating. All this episode takes 10-20 minutes, sometimes even longer. This happens post exertion as well as when I’m resting or taking a nap. Indications of these episodes are sweating, dizziness, body ache, and trepidation.

This has affected my lifestyle immensely. I’m only 18 years old. I had these episodes during my final exams as well. I’m also experiencing loss of appetite. Eating heavy or fried foods also cause these episodes. The only thing that helps out is a strong black tea or consuming warm milk or water.

We’ve conducted each and very body test possible, been to numerous doctors and no core problem was ruled out. Basic medication to improve immune system and some antibiotics were prescribed each time and none of it improved my situation. I want to know if anybody else has dealt with a situation like this? What remedies helped them? And if there’s any doctor to help me deal with this specific condition?
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Hi! Sorry, never heard of those symptoms before... just one thought- the sugar level in your blood during those episodes would be interesting to know. Have you ever been operated on your gut? Get well soon!
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Oh, and your thyroid levels should be checked too
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