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Tested positive please guide someone

Hi guys below is my story

1. I have reached Dubai 24th December 2021. Tested at the airport on arrival on 24th December 2021. 25th I received my results from airport authority it was negative.

2. I was outside the next days but with proper protection mask and sanitizer and all that

3. on 1st of january in the afternoon lets say at 12:00 i started feeling bad and in the night it got worse, high fever terrible sweat and sore throat like i never had before.

4. on January second I took amoxilin and panadol which really did not help

5. The same day (02 january 2022) i tested (PCR) in the evening. on 03rd January i got my results which were negative.

6. then i went to the doctor he gave me Azithromycin and panadol which i took for three days and fever went down and throat got ok.

7. Now i wanted to travel to Europe and i tested myself on 05th January 2022 results received today (06th January 2022) which is positive.

My questions are:

1. If i was sick from January 01-04th and in between i tested negative was it a false negative?
2. If i was sick and now i am ok and tested positive should i  be worry or prepare for the worse?

Symptoms now:
1. shortness of breath
2. Loss of taste and smell
3. weakness
4. No fever no soar throat.

please guide.

kind regards
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Listen, one day at a time, okay? Don't start worrying about a long time in the future - just one day at a time.

A 37.2 is barely a low grade temp - 37 is the norm, right? I wouldn't call that anything.

What are the protocols for isolation in your country? Do you have to test negative to not isolate anymore?

The really good news is that your lungs are clear, and your heart is good, right?

Hang in there.

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hi AJ authorities told me that tomorrow my quarantine is finishing. they have moonitored me in ICU and told me go home tomorrow after 17:00 local time you can go out without any test or something
my heart has issues therefore i was in ICU after doing ECG they transferred me to the CCU. where doctor told me that i have to go back to germany and germans will do a deeper analysis why my ECG is irregular and etc. so they discharged me issuing a certificate that patient will followup on heart issues in his country of origin.
That's awesome news. Have a safe trip home, wear your mask at all times, and go home and rest.

That's exactly what you wanted. Try not to stress, do keep hydrated when travelling, and get your rest, and see the cardiologist when you get home.
@AJ and @AB, go home means go back to hotel or anywhere :D but i cannot fly to Germany unless and untill i will be negative. i am planning to do a PCR on sunday 11th day mark
How are you doing? Are you home yet?
hi AJ I reached Frankfurt Germany last night tested negative and as soon as i received results i booked the next flight. I am performing Antigen test every now and then just to make sure. but thank God i am home. and thanks everyone for the support :).

At the airport authorities said i do not need booster until March.

I will follow up with doctors as soon as my 10 days home quarantine is finished.

Thanks again for the support  
Oh yay! I'm happy to hear you're home, and I hope you rest and take care of yourself. :)

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started monitoring fever --> its always 37.2 i think is a low grade fever no ?
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guys last evening my situation got worse. I called emergency services:
1. I couldnt breath at all
2. Pain in chest was so much
3. Heart beats were disturbing

they took me to hospital doctor checked everything and said nothing is with you he did xray of lungs and said nothing to worry

then he performed an ECG which was abnormal so they shifted me to ICU and monitored me for 20 hours and told me that my chest pain may be due to my heart condition.

and told me nothing to worry related to covid my quarantine is finishing tomorrow but last night in hospital 2 different departments performed 2 covid tests which are still positive :(
my concern is if i will not be negative for  long long time i will be stuck here in a strange country

Situation today:
1oth day starting soon.
no fever
no cough
xray performed docotr said lungs are ok. i wanted to atach the report here but i dont see any option to attach a document can you guys guide me?

xray for chest was performed for pnemonia and etc.
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just started 9th day.
1. pain in chest (bearable but there is pain)
2. difficulty in breathing ( oxygen level 97 drops to 96 then rise to 97) fluctuating so fast between 96 and 97
3. No taste no smell

what happens if these are getting worse after 10 days :( why there is a 10 days mark this is so confusing
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They can continue for a long time if you get long haul. Long haul is when you experience symptoms longer than 30 days and I've read that 1/3 of people before Omicron got long haul, although for lots of people they could be somewhat minor symptoms that wouldn't go away quickly. Some long haul have never gotten rid of their symptoms. Not sure about the 10 days you reference (because I'm not following that) but Covid is unpredictable so whatever you were told about 10 is just an expected time.
Have you been taking your temperature all this time? Do you have a fever? Instead of the flat 10 days you keep quoting, I have read that you need to stay quarantined until your symptoms are improving, plus having been free of a fever for a certain amount of time.
I think the 10 days is just an isolation thing, but not any real definitive time that you'll stop having symptoms.

It's if your asymptomatic, test positive, you isolate for 10 days, or "10 days after symptom onset and after resolution of fever for at least 24 hours, without the use of fever-reducing medications, and with improvement of other symptoms." - the CDC. It doesn't mean you'll be magically better at 10 days.

Annie makes a good point - have you been monitoring your temp? You should start doing that.

Hang in there, okay? You aren't hospitalized. You're doing well. You're alone, so it's harder to not focus on all the little things. Are you sleeping?

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back again. 6th day started no fever no cough just weakness and oxygen levels are continuously monitored they are on average 97%. is it true that day 6 - day 10 are the most worrisome?
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I don't think anything is "true" - it just depends on your body and how it reacts. You're doing well, considering - you have no fever, no cough. Fatigue is normal, your oxygen is being monitored and is okay.

Seriously, just rest, eat well, and know you are getting better as expected.

When this is over, it's really time to address your anxiety. You deserve to find some peace.

Feel better.
thanks @AJ it feels good to read what you have written, the thing is i am in hotel in an unknown world and the covid related management here is in panic everybody is in panic. I went to the doctor and he got panicked and kicked me out from the clinic. hospitals emergency services i am calling they say quarantine for 7 days and do a test.

it is not at all compared to Germany where i live. Germany is heaven
Well, you're improving, right? So remain calm, rest, stay isolated in your hotel room, and try to think of it as a vacation from your job and your responsibilities for a bit.

Just rest. I'm sure it's not easy being in a different country right now, but you're going to be okay. One day, this will be your big Covid story you get to tell. :)
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hi guys thankfully i woke-up in the morning its day 3 night was terrible i had to breath with so much effort that my chest is painful.
No fever no soar throat no smell and no taste as well.
i will keep posted here every day so that others can learn
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That sounds very difficult and scary. Did you lie awake all night? When Covid first struck, we bought a pulse oximeter, it cost about $35 (US). Do you have one? In your circumstances, it might be helpful.
yes i was almost awake all night half hours chunks of sleep then i wokeup then i slept around 5 in the morning and wokeup at 9:00
i am scared as well i dont know what to do
Have you contacted your doctor? It's possible he or she will simply tell you to stay home, but since you have been having difficulty breathing, maybe not. Can you get a pulse oximeter by delivery from a pharmacy or from Amazon? It would ease your mind if you find that your oxygen levels are in the normal range.
i am planning to buy today

bought it, it shows spO2 99 sometimes 97 sometimes 96 and other reading in the meter varies
is 99 a good reading?
Do you have anyone living in your place or nearby who can keep an eye on you and arrange for transportation to a hospital in case things suddenly worsen?
i am in hotel locked not going outside its my third day i guess
i gave sample on 05th january in evening should i count 05th as well? or 06th january would be my first day?
A normal healthy person should be able to achieve normal blood oxygen saturation levels (SpO2) of 94% to 99%. For patients with mild respiratory diseases, the SpO2 should be 90% or above. Supplementary oxygen should be used if SpO2 level falls below 90%, which is unacceptable for a prolonged period of time.
i am moitoring cloely it never goes under 95 i hope it will stay like that
I think while you are symptomatic like this, you need to stop worrying about counting days, and worry about getting some treatment.

Are you trying to figure out when you can stop isolating? Worry about getting better first, please.

The 99 is a good reading, but 96 isn't great. How often is it that low? You really, really need to call your doctor.
doctor said stop panicing and please close yourself in a room which i did nothing else. he gave me vitamin C tablets and some zinc and he said just wait and relax dont worry and count days 10 days you will be fine
Here is from an article out of Canada, from the National Post.


First off: There are no secret at-home cures for COVID-19. There is no evidence, according to the U.S. National Institutes of Health, that taking vitamin C supplements, for example, is of any use. Nor is there sufficient evidence to recommend vitamin D or zinc as curative supplements.

This means, if you come down with Omicron, you’re left with the tried and tested methods that any doctor at any walk-in clinic or on any telehealth line is going to give you: plenty of rest and plenty of fluids.

Lee Green, the chair in the department of family medicine at the University of Alberta, said most people who are vaccinated can expect a mild illness — but that won’t be the case for everyone.

“The most important thing is to keep your antennas up and get medical attention promptly if it starts behaving like a not-mild illness,” Green said.

There are various legal requirements to isolate if you’re sick, and public health agencies are recommending isolation for COVID-like symptoms and exposure to those who have COVID-19, even if you, yourself, aren’t feeling ill.

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) suggests eating well and exercising while in isolation and using video calls to stay in touch with friends and family.

The symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to those for other illnesses. Someone who’s contracted the virus may be asymptomatic, but if they do  show symptoms, they’re likely to see the following: a new or worsening cough; temperature of 38 degrees Celsius or higher; chills; body aches; weakness and fatigue; and/or shortness of breath.

Just as the symptoms are similar to other illnesses, so too are the treatments .

“Your immune system will get rid of this … so the important thing is to support your immune system,” said Green. “Eat sensibly, eat healthy food. Your body needs good nutrition to support your immune system. This is not the time to skip your fruits and vegetables.”

The tried-and-tested mom strategy of sitting in a steamy bathroom can help alleviate congestion, and Vaseline can be a comforting balm for a nose rubbed raw from Kleenex.

Over-the-counter pain medications, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, can be taken to alleviate discomfort, says the National Health Service in the United Kingdom, which maintains an extensive website about treating COVID-19 at home. (PHAC suggests avoiding painkillers if you are in quarantine from a possible exposure, but have not been confirmed as COVID positive, as they “could hide an early symptom of COVID-19.”)

“It’s not going to make you better, but it’ll help you not suffer as much until your immune system makes you better,” said Green.

Early in the pandemic, social media posts claimed ibuprofen could make COVID-19 worse. A March 2020 notice from Health Canada says “there is no scientific evidence that establishes a link between ibuprofen and the worsening of COVID-19 symptoms.”

The Alberta government says those with COVID-19 should get plenty of rest and drink lots of water to avoid dehydration from fever. A good gauge of whether or not you are well hydrated is whether or not your urine is light yellow or clear.

Extra rest can help you feel better. Water, soup, fruit juice, and hot tea with lemon are all good choices. Plus, fluids can help with a sore throat and thin out mucus. So, too, can a hard candy or a lozenge designed for that purpose.

If a person has a cough, they might take a spoonful of honey to soothe the symptoms (but don’t give honey to babies). The NHS suggests avoiding lying on your back, and instead sitting upright or lying on your side.

Alberta, cautioning against using cough medicines for those under six years of age, says they can help alleviate symptoms in older people.

Also noting, “this is good advice anytime,” they suggest that one not smoke or breathe second-hand smoke while sick with COVID-19.

Green said you don’t need to be constantly monitoring your temperature if you’re feeling relatively OK.

“It’s a good idea to take your temperature if you feel badly…. If you’re feeling terrible and if you feel like you might have a fever, make sure to check,” he said.

There are some symptoms that shouldn’t be managed at home, and if you have them, you should seek medical care: significant trouble breathing, chest pain or pressure, new onset of confusion, or difficulty waking up.

Noel Gibney, a professor emeritus at the University of Alberta’s school of medicine, said the risk is for those who start out with a mild illness, but then it gets worse. He suggested purchasing a pulse oximiter, which can tell you your blood oxygen level and provide a warning sign of when to seek medical care.

“You don’t want to miss it when somebody is getting to the point of needing oxygen or specific therapies for COVID that are only available in a hospital,” said Gibney. “So there is value, particularly for people who are  older and people that have comorbidities, to monitor their temperature, heart rate and breathing rates, and seriously think about getting a pulse oximeter.”
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Guidelines vary by country and airline. Since you were fully vaccinated we can expect you to have a normal or better recovery. The American CDC recommendation is 10 days after onset which is what you are planning. Best of luck.
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I think fully vaccinated against Omicron requires the booster.
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A positive test should not be ignored, even if previous tests were negative. You still have some symptoms which may get worse. You should quarantine and change travel plans.
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i did isolate myself and cancelled all my plans informed my manager at work in germany question is how closely ans how long should i monitor myself?

if result came back positive today that means it was my second day of covid? and 8 more days to go? if nothing serious happens in next 7-8 days i am fine?
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What kind of doctor are you seeing? I think you need to see a specialist.

When you got this most recent positive, what kind of test was that? Was it another PCR test?

Do you know if you have Omicron or Delta?

I really hope you follow up with your doctor, preferably an infectious disease specialist or a virologist, and I hope you feel better soon. :)
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hi AJ. I always did a PCR test.
02 jan was a PCR test during my terribly sick days which was negative.
05th jan yesterday was another PCR test which is posiitive got the results few hours ago.

now my question is my sickness was due to covid and my PCR test on 02 jan was too early?

and doctor was general physician.
for the moment my fever is gone my soar throat is 95 percent ok

neverthless i have loss of apetite and loss to taste and smell

i am just scared and confused whether my sickness which was covid or i should be prepared for it now? :(
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i am vaccinated with Comirnaty and completed my second jab on 06th August 2021
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