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Did not get to find out baby gender....

I went in for my 20 weeks ultrasound and DH came in right away as well....
I told the tech that I want to know the sex but DH said he didnt and to not tell me! :(~
At the end DH and DS had left and when the tech was going to tell me the gender she couldnt, she said that the cord was in the way....
Does anyone know if my dr. might know? I have been told that he should have it in his records somewhere. I would really like to know but I would rather not go in for a 3D u/s.
Thanks ladies, hope you are all doing well!!!!
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Ahh boo...What a let down. But I always say to myself that if they baby doesn't show then that's what's meant to be!!  Wouldn't the only way your doc could know is from the u/s pics? I don't they can tell any other way unless you had an amnio done or something right?! Will they let you book another one if you really wanna know?!
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I know here in BC they aren't actually allowed to tell you, they can only hint at it! I saw the 3 hamburger lines though on the ultrasound, and the tech didn't deny it was a girl, but I still went and got a 3d ultrasound done and was able to find out there for sure!
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The same thing happened to me with my second pregnancy!  Well, DS's legs were tight together....the tech looked for like 40 minutes but couldn't tell us for sure.  I was bummed, but actually ended up being happy we didn't know, in the end....We didn't want to know with our first, and so we knew how cool it was to have that surprise.  

Usually, they'll write it in the report if they know....so I'm guessing that it wouldn't be in yours.  If you go for a 3D/4D u/s, you'd be more likely to see something, I'd think.
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