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YAY just joined

Hi there, I just found this group and I am very excited about it. I was finding it hard to get answers that pertained to Canadian women, laws, medical questions and such. A little about me, my name is CHeryl, I am 23 years old and I am 26 weeks 3 days pregnant with a baby boy that we are naming Fynnigin Paul James. I live close to Toronto and can't wait to meet other Canadian women!
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Ditto.  I just wish this group existed when I was pregnant (I had my second son almost 5 months ago now).  

I'm Jen, 32, from Kitchener.  I have 2 little boys - 3.5 years (will be 4 in October) and, like I said before, a nearly 5 month old.  My husband and I aren't planning on having any more kids (still waiting on DH to make his appointment for the snip snip - LOL)  

I'm happy to help anyone and everyone, if I can :-)
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Hey ladies! Welcome Cheryl!
Im Teddi, I have a 3 year old son and am almost 30 weeks pregnant (dont know the gender).

Cheryl I love the name you picked! Not something you hear every day!
Jen you are going to have to make that call....lol.... all the women I know have had to for their DHs.
My DH and I are not wanting anymore after this baby was well, I have been on him for months to a least look into it and try to understand it all.

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Thank you for liking the name Fynnigin! My BF is Irish and so his whole family loves the name and so do his friends but it has been my friends and some of my family that have given me grief over it! I don't care cuz I love the name and I know thats all that matters but when your mom is saying eww I hate that name all the time, it gets pretty old...lol...I shouldve kept it a secret till the day he is born.
Are you keeping the gender a surprise or did you judt not get a good look? That would frustrate me if I wanted to know and couldn't!
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I like that name too! Are you going to call him Fynn for short? Welcome.
I'm Heather and almost 25 weeks with my first, it's a boy! I live London/Woodstock way!
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Yes that was the planto call him Fynn, that was one of the ways I argreed to the name because DF likes Fynnigin but I just like Fynn, so I will call him Fynn and DF will call him Fynnigin..lol and yay for boys!
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Hello Ladies,

      I am Tracy and also live in Kitchener, I am 35 years old and have only concieved and misscarried a few times over the last 8 years.  Finally have an appointment with Dr. Halmo in October.  Fabulous to see women on here from the area!! :-) Try to stay cool all
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I PMed you about Dr. Halmo :-)
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