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Feline Mast Cell Cancer & Diabetes treatment

My 10 year old female cat was diagnosed with disseminated mast cell tumor cancer.  Considering her poor condition, she has been receiving palliative therapy for the past 3 months (1/4 pepcid in am, and prednisolone-5 mg in am and 2.5 mg in pm).  Recently, she was diagnosed with excessive blood sugar levels in urine and in blood-indicative of diabetes.
As a result, one Vet advised to take her off steroids completely and start insulin therapy. Another vet suggested that it was more important to treat the mast cell condition over the diabetes since these doses are suppressing the effects of the cancer.  She did have an analphylactic reaction before due to massive histamine release unexpectedly and I would like to try to avoid this as best as possible. At this point,the goal of treatment is to keep the pet as pain free and comfortable as possible.  The cat is in a fragile condition, but has a good appetite and is not vomiting.  I do not want to cause her more stress by more vet visits and tests.  What is your best recommendation regarding this situation ?

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