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CA 19-9 level 473

My husband has had extreme abdominal pain for 6 months.  Barely sleeps, significant weight loss, and constipation.  Ultrasound came back clear, fatty liver.  Endoscopy negative.  Blood work normal except this last check the included the CA 19-9, came back at 473.  Ct had shown mild pancreatitis with pancreatic duct dilation.  EUS procedure was scheduled and now canceled due to coronavirus.  Do we have reason to worry is this most likely just pancreatitis.  
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CA 19-9 can be elevated with pancreatic cancer but can also be elevated with pancreatitis or hepatobiliary disorders. It sounds like your husband has at least pancreatitis based on CT, but it is unusual that the other blood work was normal. Usually pancreatitis presents with elevated amylase and/or lipase. Significant weight loss is concerning for cancer. Jaundice, dark urine, and light stools would also be concerning if present.
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Thank you.  He hasn' experienced dark colored urine, light stool or jaundice so hopefully that's a good sign.  They did call today and are getting him in for EUS procedure next Thursday, so hopefully he will get some answers finally.
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