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CEA concerned possible cancer

The last 8mos I have had drastic weight loss, bowel issues and vomiting and major fatigue. I seen my primary Dr I had colonoscopy and endoscope, labs. endo was clear, colon had one 15mm polyp and 6 4mm told benign. My red blood count is very low, not in the range below, Platelets are now low. Had a CEA test done in Sept, it was 13.7. Dr thinks no cancer?  2 Weeks ago I asked for tests to be repeated and CEA level is still high 12.5 and red cell count and platelets even lower. I did a couple of CT Scans  found 2 4mm nodules on right lung and also right kidney not working properly and liver and gallblabber enlarged. I dont know what to do, my Dr doesnt seem to be concerned said it is crohns.  Worried, should I see an Onocologist?
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Also, depleted electrolytes, and the CEA range for normal is 0.0-3.0 mine is 12.5 rapid weight loss, I went from 135lbs to 96lbs.
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Hi.  I am sorry you are even having to think about this!  It's hard to say.  I'm going to guess that if there were nodules seen or issues on your lungs, they'd have biopsied them?  Or did they?  Polyps are very common after a colonoscopy and they normally just remove them.  This was the case with my husband.  

I think health anxiety and especially surrounding cancer happens.  I think it can be terrifying to think of having that.  But so far, you don't.  Your doctor isn't worried. I understand you are.  So, what about going to another doctor for a second opinion?  I think I'd want to know, for example, why your platelets are low.  Now, this doesn't always mean cancer, please know that.  Cousin had drastically low platelets and never had cancer. She had a immune disorder. So, don't have cancer be your only explanation for these findings.  But I do think whether you see another doctor or not, they should be trying to determine what is going on. By the way, what was your platelet count so I can get an idea of what you mean by low.  

Anyway, it's the holiday here so I may not be back to the site until after Christmas but wanted to welcome you and promise I'll be back so we can 'chat' soon!  
Thank you specialmom <3 I do so much appreciate you writing me and your thoughts and suggestions. I'm at a loss and alone to figure this out, not much support!  I hope we can talk some more again, after the holidays! But again, just being here and replying, its helps, more than you know!! I do hope you have a restful evening and have a blessed Christmas! XX
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Are you consulting with a GI Doctor?  If not, I would be.  I was messing with something a few years ago and had test after test. I finally saw a motility soecialist at Stanford.  As for the lung nodules, you might want to see a Pulmonologist fir consult and ask for a screening low dose CT scan.  That being said, nodules are not that uncommon but I would follow up on that.  You need to advocate for yourself.  
Thanks for Replying margot49 yes I have seen a GI and I did a low-dose CT scan that's how they found the nodules. I have had 2-3 of them in last 4 months and they were not there until this last one, they showed up and with my CEA levels staying high im concerned. I am seeing my old Dr tomorrow and she is an interalist so im hoping she will help direct me for that as well as My CEA. Been trying to advocate but keep hitting a wall with Dr.s My GI did a colonoscopy and have bowel loops and a hilus, I dont think he completed the colon test properly as I can tell something is up in the colon still, but he is doing nothing to help me. My RBC are so low they are not even on the range scale. I am a former smoker so the lung thing is worrisome. The cea is showing cancer somewhere, I asked for a Pet Scan but my Dr wont do one said its too much radiation.  I will see what my dr  recommends tomorrow.
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Hi Campgal,
Glad you are seeing a GI Doctor.  I was too, test after test and finally referred myself to Stanfird and Tgey ran further tests.

I hesitated saying this because, from what Inhave read, nit all that unusual to see nodules but, like you, I woukd be concerned.  

I have had a cough fir 4-5 months. I am a smoker. Contacted my PCP and Pulmonologist and they told me to quit smoking.  Cough continued, finally ordered a chest X-Ray that was different then the one 12 months prior.  Told me to quit smoking and it would help.  Was seeing the ads on TV about the low dose CT scan, contacted my doctors about one and just got "Where are you reading this stuff?" And "Sutter dies not follow those protocols. I sent them the link to the ACS!!  
Cough continues and it is now December. I had started this in at least Sept.  My Pulmomologist sends me a message, "I will order a CT scan p, if ut will make you feel better, but it probably won't show anything."  I get that done and get a message the next day to call the office ASAP!  There is a nodule in my left lung, nodes and spots on my liver.  Looks like Cancer that has spread. They then did the PET scan which showed the same.  I have to have a liver biopsy and a brain CT and see an Oncologist.  This is not a good prognosis for me.  Had I not kept bugging him for 4+ months, it still woukd not be done!  
If it were me, I would insist the test be run.  
Good luck.  
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What was the outcome of your appointment this week?
Hi, sorry I have been away, havent been well. I was able to go back to my old primary doctor, with change with insurance.  I have another blood testing too do and she has scheduled an appointment with another Oncologist next month. My RBC count is dropping further and I have been very fatigued. Not sure if I mentioned, that my prior CT scan showed to nodules on my right lung?  thank you for being here for me everyone and will do better to communicate. I so appreciate everyone here and giving me feedback and suggestions! Thanks
sorry 2 nodules
One thing I noticed, I have a lump under my armpit, a little bigger than size of a quarter. Maybe its just a swollen lymph node, no clue.
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Thank you for the update but sorry it is not better news and you are still undergoing evaluation.  I'm sure you are very nervous.  Please keep us updated!  
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